Chic Laguna Beach Wedding | Deanna + Jarrod

The Dress. For some brides, it’s as easy as finding the right one at the first bridal boutique visited. For others, it’s a little more of a treasure hunt.

While Deanna and Jarrod were planning their effortlessly elegant Laguna Beach wedding, our lovely bride-to-be was having the hardest time finding just the right wedding dress. But, when she did, she made it her own.

Explains Deanna, “I went to 10 wedding dress stores in Scottsdale, Arizona, in preparation for my Laguna Beach, Cali wedding. Every other dress I had tried on I’d say “it’s ok” or “it’s pretty”. It wasn’t until I put the Greta on in Mocha that I literally jumped up and down and said “this is the one, this is it”. I had it taken in to be form fitted around my body and a deeper sweet heart cut, for a sexier look. “

That special, one-of-a-kind wedding gown is going to get many more chances to go out on the town, and judging from Deanna and Jarrod’s fabulous first dance, there’ll be plenty of twirling, too! Says Deanna, “I am now having my dress made into a cocktail dress and I’m going to be able to wear it to a lot more events. I think the uniqueness of the color is helping that to make it possible…. Can’t wait to wear my wedding dress over and over!“

We can’t wait to see a cocktail version of Greta, Deanna! Best wishes!

Chic Laguna Beach Wedding | Deanna + Jarrod
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