Can you imagine winning a free wedding? One organized by a gorgeous bridal magazine with amazing vendors? And your gown is included?

When Real Main Weddings. ran their “Wedding of the Year” contest, Alyssa and Nick entered…and won!

What followed was a whirlwind. Decisions, including what gown Alyssa would wear, were made by Real Main Weddings. readers! Luckily for Alyssa, after her visit to Spoil Me, everyone voted for her favorite, Mathia.

We loved watching as each piece of the wedding came together, and when the day finally arrived, waiting for pictures had us on pins and needles! But seeing how happy Nick and Alyssa were, and what a wonderful day they had, was worth waiting for.

Thanks to their wonderful photographer, Emilie Inc., below are a few of our favorites, but there are lots more! To see them, pop over to Real Maine Weddings!

Fun Maine Wedding | Alyssa + Ryan
Lea-Ann Belter Bridal / Astrid & Mercedes

Colorful Maine Wedding | Alyssa + Ryan