Glam Lake Lanier Islands Wedding | Erica + Antonio

Picture it: Summer. A couple head-over-heels in love. A lakeside wedding . Sounds amazing, right? And it was!

Bursting with sweet stories behind their glamorous wedding style (just wait until you see her reception outfit), one look at Erica and Antonio’s chic Lake Lanier Islands celebration and you’ll be swept off your feet.

wedding dress: Madeleine via Kelly’s Closet | photographer:  Shawn Dowdell | scroll down for more vendors

Erica fell in love with her Madeleine wedding gown while browsing at Kelly’s Closet in Atlanta, but she wasn’t ready to commit. Says Erica, “Over the next few months I visited the same gown over and over again. The sales associate, Gina, kept saying: you love this dress too much, just get it. Finally, one month before my ceremony we bought it off the rack!”

Talk about “meant to be”! In fact, our stunning bride’s entire ensemble seemed to be destiny. Erica’s friend lent her her own birdcage veil, and the bride’s stylist, Rochelle Knight, discovered the perfect fascinator. With something borrowed and something new (her dress) checked off the list, Erica’s grandmother supplied the something old – an anklet with a charm that reads “#1 wife” that Erica’s grandfather had given her grandmother decades ago. The something blue was the very last piece, and at the last minute Erica tied a small blue ribbon around the strap of her gown and tucked it into the bodice.

Since she was wearing ivory, Erica invited the mother of the bride, mother of the groom and grandmothers to all wear white, which we love! All of them standing together in the sunlight creates such a striking tableau. And Antonio in his gray suit beside Erica in her Madeleine is divine.

In place of a pre-made bridal bouquet, Erica’s was made on the spot with love in a meaningful bouquet ceremony. Ten friends lined the aisle, and, as Erica walked toward Antonio, each offered the bride a single flower. Once Erica had the flowers, the mothers each tied a colored ribbon around the bouquet.

At the end of their sweet wedding ceremony, Erica and Antonio honored an old tradition. Says Erica, “Many African American couples honor the slave tradition of jumping the broom at the weddings. My friend made our broom and the mothers laid it down for us to jump!”

Then it was off to the reception, where, though we love how stunning Erica was in her Madeleine gown, our gorgeous bride slipped on the fiercest and most fabulous reception outfits ever.

Best wishes!

Glam Lake Lanier Islands Wedding | Erica + Antonio
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  • Erica Nicole September 1, 2015 Reply »

    Love, love, love this post and I absolutely loved my Madeleine! Thanks Lea-Ann Belter!

    Erica Nicole

    • Lea-Ann Belter September 2, 2015 Reply »

      We’re so glad! And we LOVED seeing your wedding pictures…thanks so much for sharing them!!

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