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Lea-Ann Belter

Forever painting and drawing, Lea-Ann knew from a young age her future lay in her creativity.

Upon graduating from an art-focused high school, Lea-Ann continued her formal education at the Sheridan College of Crafts and Design, where she specialized in glass and textiles. She went on to earn her diploma from the International Academy of Design and Merchandising, after which Lea-Ann trained with a couturier where she refined the characteristics that define her work – flawless execution and impeccable quality.

Lea-Ann ultimately found her calling when she designed a wedding dress for her brother’s fiancée. She found bridal was the perfect expression of her love of fashion, amazing fabrics, timeless aesthetics, and meticulous execution. Before long, Lea-Ann opened her first wedding gown boutique in the exclusive Yorkville area of Toronto. Five years later, she launched the Lea-Ann Belter Bridal Collection through a network of retailers.

In 2005, Lea–Ann opened the Lea–Ann Belter Bridal flagship store on Toronto’s Queen Street East, and in 2007 she was named Wedding Gown Designer of the Year at the Canadian Wedding Industry Awards. Lea-Ann moved both her shop and production studio in 2012 to their permanent home in Toronto on the corner of Dundas Street and Broadview Avenue.

Her designs are available in a curated selection of bridal boutiques across North America and Europe.

Indigo gown
Production Manager

I studied at the Academy of Design in Toronto. I learned about the opportunity with Lea-Ann through one of my instructors. He endorsed me for the position and I am so glad he did. I love that I get to do a bit of everything here, keeping my skills fresh and learning new tricks as I go.


I studied at the International Academy of Design and Technology, the same school as Lea-Ann! I really like the freedom to be creative and work independently.


I love working with everyone here in the shop, it keeps me young. (Barbara also just happens to be Lea-Ann’s mom!)

Retail Sales in the Flagship

I studied creative writing at the University of British Columbia and have a background in fashion marketing. I love that I get to see brides through every part of the gown process – from the moment they find “the dress,” through alterations, and to the day they leave with the gown in hand to go off to their wedding.


I knew how to sew, thanks to a previous position, but I have learned so much with Lea-Ann. My favorite part of working here is the friendly environment and the people I work with. Did I mention two of them happen to be my sisters?


I studied Fashion Design at George Brown College and graduated in 2013. My favorite gown is Rosamund for its simplicity, elegance and retro look. It is like looking at a Charles James dress. It is unique and the only gown we make in this satin silk damask fabric.


I studied at the International Academy of Design and Technology. I got lucky and started this job the same week I graduated, nine years ago. The best part of working in the shop are the people I work with. They have become a family to me. Oh, and Exquisite, she is my favorite gown.


I’ve sewn and designed for over 10 years alongside my acting career. I graduated from George Brown College with a degree in Fashion Design & Techniques and I was a Dean’s Medal recipient in 2015. I am thrilled to be learning high-end finishing, draping and techniques with Lea-Ann. The whole team is awesome. They all help whenever needed, have such a high level of skill and, most importantly, I laugh most of the day.

Jacket Maker

There are so many amazing things about working here. I can always guarantee at least a couple good laughs each day. I love the people I work with and all of the jokes we share. Having the opportunity to work with my hands each day is awesome, too!

Hand Finisher

I came from Japan and studied Fashion Design at George Brown College. I love all of the various roles at Lea-Ann Belter, but I am happiest hand-sewing lace and beads and making our accessories.