Flagship Stories | Ece’s Turkish Destination Wedding

Our Toronto bridal boutique shares the same building as our atelier, and having that happy, just-found-The-Dress-can’t-wait-to-marry-my-best-friend energy
fill the air is electrifying.

From browsing our collection to choosing to fitting to pick-up, the brides at our flagship bridal shop are ushered along their dress journey by our wonderful Ginny. It’s a very personal process, and, in short order, Ginny is as invested in and excited about her brides’ wedding days as their bridal parties! So, of course she’s got some wonderful stories – the first of which is that of Ece, who married her sweetie in Turkey.

From Ginny:

“It’s always fun when a bride’s wedding photos show up in my inbox. As a consultant at Lea-Ann Belter, I get to see every part of the gown process – from the moment a woman chooses her dress from a rack of samples, through the fittings and alterations, and finally, when she steps out the door with the finished gown waiting in its garment bag. You get to know the woman in the dress pretty well – it’s quite a personal process. And so, when someone takes the time to send a photo of the wedding, it feels like looking through a friend’s album (with the added knowledge that I got to play a part in their happy occasion).

At Ece’s final appointment, I took a moment to marvel at how incredibly the gown not only fit her, but suited her. The classic romance of her Rosemary gown was an excellent compliment to her Turkish nuptials. The blush tone matched her bubbly personality and did amazing things for her complexion. Seeing Ece beaming with her family and new husband, I could not think of a more perfect dress for this stunning, sunny bride.”

Stay tuned from more stories from the Lea-Ann Belter Bridal Toronto flagship boutique!

Flagship Stories | Ece’s Turkish Destination Wedding
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