Beauty & the Beast Plantation Wedding | Audrey + Greg

You’re going to love Audrey and Greg’s Louisiana plantation wedding. Their Beauty and the Beast meets traditional southern celebration was beautiful and this duo loves to have a good time. One minute she’s a classic southern belle and he’s her gent, the next…well, their grins say it all.

Also – and this is very important – half of Audrey’s family is from Brazil, and Greg’s is from Saskatchewan, Canada. So, Audrey married a Canadian wearing her Stephanie wedding dress, which was made in Toronto! Represent!

More about Greg’s sweet proposal, how Audrey found The Dress, and the inspiration behind their day below:

How did Greg propose?

“Greg and I met in college. He was a finance major who was recruited from Canada (Regina, Saskatchewan) to play baseball in Shreveport, Louisiana. I was a biochemistry major. We had a mutual friend who introduced us, but it took a good 7-8 months before Greg had the courage to make the first move. Which happened because I “watched The Lion King without him.” Like I was supposed to read his mind and know it was his favorite Disney movie. Our first date consisted of us watching The Lion King May 5, 2012 (when we became an official couple).

I remember the week of the proposal, I was having a rough week. Hoping to lift my spirits, Greg suggested that following Sunday we go out to a friend’s house and spend time with them. That Sunday rolled around, I had a baby shower to attend and told Greg I would meet him out at our friend’s. Our friends live about an hour away out in the country, so when I got there, I had a take a long winding road to the shooting range they have on the property. When I turned the corner to see the range, it was all decorated with streamers, paper baseball lanterns, and all of our friends were present. I parked and couldn’t get out of my car because I suspected what was going on. So Greg had to come to me, get me out of the car, and just proposed right in front of my car. Don’t ask me what he said because I honestly didn’t hear a word. All I remember was looking at the ring saying it looked like a Disney Princess ring and he said that the ring looked like that to him and reminded him of me. That was April 13, 2014.”

What inspired your wedding day look? How did you choose your gown?

“My wedding day look was partially inspired by my body type, Pinterest, Beauty and the Beast, and what I was seeing every other woman was getting (which was fit and flare, or mermaid with lace, gosh lace everywhere).

Before finding a dress, I had decided warm tones with my makeup and half-up hairdo with loose curls. The day I found THE dress, my mother, my friend Emily, and I drove 4 hours to a place called I Do Bridal Couture in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, from Shreveport, Louisiana. Told the ladies I was looking for a sweetheart neckline with A-line or ball gown, and preferably silk fabric, and a little “bling.”

The lady helping me pulled out three dresses I for sure liked to try on, and she showed me two more, one I agreed to try on no problem, and one I was unsure about but she insisted I at least try on. First one I tried, I liked, but was a maybe on. One I put them on, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th were a definite no. The 5th, the one I was unsure about, I tried on. The lady zipped me up, and it fit perfectly. When I walked out of the dressing room (no mirror in the room), my mom and Emily both gasped and mom said I looked like her little princess. When I saw myself in the mirror, I was speechless. The pearl beading around the neckline, the crystal buttons down the back, and the poof, oh the poof of the dress. I did my little twirl thing I’ve always done when I tried something on and I absolutely loved the way it looked. Then the ladies decided to tie the look with shoes, flowers, and veil. We all cried. I was sold on the 5th dress I tried on.”

Tell us a little about your day! Did you have a theme or style in mind?

“My wedding day was incredibly amazing, beautiful, and a blur. It went so fast. Only my mother, Emily, and my photographer Olivia had seen me in my dress. So when I stepped out of the dressing room, everyone gasped and I remember telling them no one was allowed to cry yet because we had just gotten our makeup done. I was told when I turned to come down the aisle with my father, all the girls in the audience and bridesmaids gasped and began to cry. Even some guys cried, too. I looked like a real modern day Southern Belle.

We didn’t really stick to a particular theme except for southern plantation non-traditional. Our colors were coral pink, emerald green, and gold. Our stone was pearl. We decided on spring because winter was too cold, summer was too hot, and fall was football season (I wouldn’t even pay attention to my own wedding if football was on). So we decided on the date May 14, 2016 at 6pm.

Greg and I decided that since his family was from Canada (Regina, Saskatchewan) and half of mine was from Brazil, we would make it a “destination” wedding, and what better place than right by New Orleans? We fell in love with our Houmas House Plantation and Gardens the moment we stepped foot on the property.

Houmas House Plantation is also where I got my bridals done six weeks before the wedding as well. Apparently, bridals are a southern thing. Brides get photos done of them in their dress to display at the reception and it’s a good way to see if your hair and makeup is how you wanted it to be once the whole outfit was put together.

We didn’t really decorate because the venue speaks for itself. In the reception hall on the property, we had half the tables with pictures of us during our relationship, and some lanterns with floral arrangements on top. Emily’s mom is the one who made my gorgeous cascading bouquet. Our cake was 2 tier, one to keep and one to cut, and the rest were cupcakes. Our cake topper was Beauty and the Beast. Cupcakes=best idea ever. Groom’s cake was a Blue Jays baseball cap. We had a sparkler send off at the end.”

Do you have any advice for other engaged couples?

“Brides, I know you want it to be perfect, but it won’t happen EXACTLY how you want it. So when the day comes, DO NOT STRESS, go with the flow of the day and ENJOY. Remember the importance of it is getting to marry your best friend. I promise you, no one will notice the little details that you would. So relax and enjoy, you and your significant other deserve it.

Also, get cupcakes instead of a big cake, easier to get rid of the cake and you won’t end up with as much afterwards.”

Beauty & the Beast Plantation Wedding | Audrey + Greg
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