San Clemente Canyon Editorial Shoot | Lovestruck Bridal Gowns

“I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams…”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince



The stark, lush beauty of southern California’s natural desert landscape is a bewitching thing. Soaked in sun and kissed with dry winds that carry the scent of eucalyptus and sometimes the sea, it’s the kind of place where wild things grow. And a beautiful spot to shoot an editorial for our Lovestruck collection!  So, we packed up our gowns and headed to San Diego’s Marian Bear Memorial Park to capture their sultry side.


Check back for more of our bronzed and beautiful SoCal shoot next week!

wedding dresses: Lea-Ann Belter Lilac, Iris, Jacaranda, and Poppy | photography: Tim Melideo | model: Alden Steimle | creative director: Cassandra Ray Quinn | assistant: Merrill Melideo | hair + makeup: Beauty by Stacey

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San Clemente Canyon Editorial Shoot | Lovestruck Bridal Gowns
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