Bridal Market Spring 2016 | Wedding Dresses Part I

NYC Bridal Market is always such a blast. We get to debut our new wedding dress collections, catch up with our wonderful retailers, eat some really amazing food, and, of course, squeeze in a little shopping!

This year, we showed our Spring 2016 Lea-Ann Belter Avalon and Astrid & Mercedes Clair de Lune collections at The Metropolitan Pavilion. And we are so glad we did! Not only is the space lovely (so much natural light and gleaming hardwood floor for miles), but it’s located in Chelsea, whose unique vibrancy and lovely mix of old and new set the ideal tone for our new collections.

Lea-Ann designed eleven gowns for her Spring 2016 Avalon wedding dress collection, and each is so special that packing them all into one blog post seems impossible! So, instead we’ll be sharing them in two blog posts with snaps from inside our suite at bridal market (check out Part Two ).

When designing the Avalon collection, Lea-Ann ‘s muse was the mist-shrouded isle of Arthurian legend and the strong, captivating women of those medieval tales. We think that bewitching inspiration shows in each and every one of her new gowns, and we can’t wait to see them walk down the aisle.

So, without further ado, please meet Ariella, Bromwyn, Diana, Elaine, Emenie and Faye below!


Diana veil sold separately. 


Her tails are detachable!


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Bridal Market Spring 2016 | Wedding Dresses Part I
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