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Like love, a classic wedding day will never go out of style. This also happens to be at the heart of our own aesthetic. So, when one Jennafer visited us at our Toronto bridal boutique in search of the dress of her dreams and chose the most timeless textile around (lace!) for her custom gown, we couldn’t wait to see wedding pictures! When they arrived in our inbox, we were floored. And not just because her pics are spectacular (which they are – our girl rocked her sheer lace neckline), but also because she and Eros’s proposal story is electric.

From Jennafer:

How did he propose?

“My husband Eros and I are die hard Canadian Tenors fans, and on December 23rd, 2014, we had tickets to see their show at the Casino Windsor with our families. Before the show we all had drinks at the Casino Bar overlooking the Detroit River. The whole family knew he was going to propose and just before we got up to go watch the show, Eros got down on one knee unexpectedly and asked me for my hand in marriage. After the show he had arranged for us to have a private meet and greet with the Canadian Tenors and hugged them all and told them we just got engaged! It was such a wonderful night! We had only been dating one year, but the timing was absolutely perfect!”

wedding dress: custom gown via the Lea-Ann Belter Toronto flagship boutique | photographer: Steve Pomerleau | full vendor list below

How did you choose your gown?

“I chose my gown by starting out looking at wedding dress shops in Windsor, Ontario (where I live). My style evolved as I kept hunting for ‘the one’ but nothing seemed to be the perfect dress (I’m very picky). I travelled to Detroit several times and eventually made my way to Toronto. After trying on over 100 dresses (literally), I stopped into Lea-Ann Belter’s dress store and LOVED how simple and classic her designs were. However, after trying on a few of her dresses, I still didn’t feel like any of the dresses were ‘the one’. I ended up describing the things I had envisioned for my gown (simple, A-Line, all lace, off the shoulders) and drew up a sketch when I realized Lea-Ann does custom designs. I then picked out my lace which I fell in love with because of the flowery design, and bought a dress that hadn’t been designed yet (risky)! I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed because I loved Lea-Ann’s style and could tell the quality of her dresses were absolutely top of the line!?

Tell us a little about your wedding day!

“My wedding day was absolutely perfect! We got married on September 26, 2015 and it happened to be a perfect sunny day. The ceremony and mass was beautiful and I really had no complaints. Everyone had such a fun time and we danced all night long!”

What’s your advice for other engaged couples?

“My advice for other engaged couples would be to definitely not have a long drawn out engagement (unless you have serious reason to). I planned my wedding in 9 months and it was more than enough time. I would also suggest not getting too stressed out over the wedding day, and instead, take time as a couple to prepare for your life together.”

Jennafer + Eros’s Toronto Wedding Vendors

wedding dress: custom gown via the Lea-Ann Belter Toronto flagship boutique | photographer: Steve Pomerleau | decorator: A Swanky Affair | ceremony venue: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church | reception venue: St. Clair Center for the Arts

Elegant Toronto Wedding | Jennafer + Eros
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