Fall Wedding on Crooked Lake | Angela + Andrew

Engaged on the water, Angela and Andrew brought their wedding full circle by exchanging vows lakeside at Old Daley on Crooked Lake.  Though they’d planned a country-chic affair (and it was totally that), the heartfelt, fun, and welcoming personalities made the day shine like diamonds.


Family is central to these two, and both sides played a big part in their engagement (there was a group waiting at home to celebrate after Andrew’s dockside proposal) and the wedding day, when a dear childhood friend officiated.

While Angela had planned on choosing a gown of all lace, she fell for Ginger (which she customized with delicate lace straps!), whose silhouette, appliqué, and lace are all kinds of perfect! Especially paired with her cathedral lace veil—those shots outside make us wish veils were more than just a wedding day accessory. Every moment of each day would be rendered cinematic!

From Angela:

How did your sweetie propose?

“We are both from NY, but moved away for teaching jobs in Maryland. One weekend, Andrew’s brother and wife (then fiancé) decided to come visit us for the weekend. That Saturday, Andrew’s brother and wife went to catch up with family that they have in Maryland, so Andrew suggested that we head to Annapolis for lunch.

At lunch, Andrew ordered soup and salad—he never orders soup and salad when we go out to eat, so I thought that was a little weird.  While we were eating, he also went to the bathroom four times.  I asked him if everything was OK and he said he was feeling a little “sick” from the night before, but that he was OK.  After lunch, we shopped around a bit in downtown Annapolis.  After we were done shopping, he really insisted on taking a walk down to the docks by the water.  I was a little hesitant because it was windy and rainy, so naturally I was giving him a hard time the whole walk down to the docks.  On our way, we had to stop because he said he had to go to the bathroom…again! While I was waiting, I knew something was up. He was acting weird and just not himself and I also thought, who can possibly go to the bathroom five times in an hour and a half?

While we were at the docks, I was drinking coffee, looking out at the water. He asked me to come over by where he was standing, took the cup out of my hand, had a sip and then knelt to put it down. But then he stayed on one knee and pulled out a little box, opened it, said a few words (I blacked out, so I can’t really remember every word) and he asked me to marry him.  I said yes. I cried. We gave each other a kiss and a hug.

Even though I was ecstatic that the love of my life just proposed to me, a part of me was a little sad because he knew I always wanted our family and friends there.  On our walk back to the car, Andrew told me he contacted our family and given the situation that was happening with my family, they were unable to make it, but he wanted his brother and wife there so we could at least celebrate with some family.  Andrew proposed April 9th, 2016.  In late March of 2016, my nephew, who was almost 4 at the time, got diagnosed with cancer.  Andrew wanted to prolong the engagement because of everything that was happening, but my sister insisted that he went ahead with everything he had planned out.

He asked me to call my sister once we got in the car to share the good news because he promised her she would be the first person I call.  After I called her, I called my mom.  It all felt surreal.  I was so excited to tell them, yet so badly wanting them all there to share this special moment with us; but of course, I understood why they couldn’t.  Once we approached the house, I opened our front door and was greeted by our dog, Labatt; not even noticing 50 of our closest friends and family in our house waiting for us to arrive so they could celebrate with us!  I picked my head up and was in disbelief.  My mom and dad greeted me with a huge hug and a kiss.  My best friend approached me and had my sister and nephew on Facetime.  I immediately burst into tears.

I didn’t think it was possible to fall more in love with Andrew, but on that day, I did.  He had everything planned out perfectly, he knew exactly how I wanted to be proposed to and who I wanted there on that big day.”

wedding dress: Lea-Ann Belter Ginger via Something Bleu Bridal | photographer: J. Foley Photography | scroll down for full vendor list

How did you choose your gown?

“I shopped at two separate dress stores in Saratoga, NY; Something Bleu Bridal and Lily Saratoga.  My mom, sister, and two bridesmaids came with me for the day.  Our first appointment was at Something Bleu Bridal.  I tried about 10 different dresses on there.  I always knew I wanted a dress with lace.  I thought I wanted all lace, but all the lace dresses I was trying on just were not the one.  My sister pointed at one dress that was on the mannequin, but it was strapless so I was immediately turned off by it.  She told me to just try it on anyways because you never know.   I tried it on, and it was beautiful.  It had just enough lace without it being overpowering.  It had the lower back that I wanted.  It was tighter fitting, which I loved.  It also had subtle crystals on the dress and when I moved, they sparkled.  The silk bottom on the dress also gave it elegance along with the train.  I just wasn’t sold on the strapless part of the dress.  The consultant that was working with me pulled out lace straps and said we can have straps added to the dress if we want.  Once she put them up to me, I couldn’t stop smiling.  I didn’t want to fall in love because we still had another appointment at Lily Saratoga.  We went to Lily Saratoga and I tried on probably 20 different dresses there.  Even though they were all gorgeous dresses, I just wasn’t in love with them on me and I could tell on everyone’s faces that they felt the same.  I kept comparing the dresses to the dress that I loved at Something Bleu Bridal.  Two weeks later, I went back with my mom, sister, and bridesmaid to Something Bleu Bridal to try the same dress on that I loved.  I couldn’t stop smiling in the gown and I knew Andrew would love it on me as much as I did.  Once they put the long cathedral veil with touches of lace on me, I was sold!”


Tell us about your day! Did you have a theme or style in mind?

“The theme we had in mind for our wedding day was country chic.  Old Daley on Crooked Lake is very elegant and unique.  Though it’s not rustic, it has a country feel, and I wanted everything we did to reflect the venue’s atmosphere.

The day itself ran a lot smoother than Andrew and I anticipated.  I thought I was going to be stressed out about staying on the schedule that our photographer gave us, but I was the complete opposite.  I was more relaxed than anything and genuinely excited to see Andrew at 2:20 for our first look. Afterwards, Andrew and I did our bride and groom portraits, which was actually one of our favorite moments because we were able to have 45 minutes alone to enjoy each other and the significance of the day.

Our ceremony was outside, right on the water. The person who married us was one of my closest childhood friends, neighbors, and practically family (we went to college together, too!).  Andrew and I were married under an arbor that was decorated in white draping chiffon and greenery. Down the aisle were shepherd’s hooks with mason jars filled with flowers and greenery.  The groomsmen were in navy blue suits and brown shoes.  The bridesmaids were in long cashmere dresses with different styles (a mix between light tan and grey). Our officiant touched on our past, his significance of marrying us, along with reasons why Andrew and I fell in love with each other and what love meant to the both of us.

Cocktail hour took place both inside and outside on the terrace of Crooked Lake, which overlooks the water.  We also had a cigar bar for our guests to enjoy.  Once cocktail hour concluded, guests could head into the ballroom for dinner and the bridal party was introduced.  Our bridal party walked out to “Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon and Andrew and I walked out to “We Found Love” by Rihanna. We love that song because we always switch out the words for “We found love in Cortland State” instead of “in a hopeless place.” (Cortland State is where we met.)

As soon as we were introduced, we went straight into our first dance which was “Die A Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett.  Andrew’s best man and brother gave a speech.  My matron of honor and sister gave a speech.  Both speeches made everyone laugh.  They were short, straight to the point, and sentimental.  My uncle also gave a blessing before dinner with my nephew by his side “helping” him.  As soon as dinner concluded, it was non-stop dancing after that! We also had a late-night food station of sliders and shoestring fries for guests later in the evening.

Our wedding day was the best day ever.  If anything did go wrong, we don’t know what went wrong. The moment dinner was over, the dance floor was packed straight through until the end of the reception.  At one point, we thought the dance floor was going to give out from all the dancing!”


What’s your funniest wedding day memory?


“There were so many!  One that stuck out the most was our bridal party entrances.  They were all amazing, but our favorite moment was when my bridesmaid (Brittany), who I played college field hockey with, and his groomsman Steve, who Andrew played college soccer with, were walking out together and Steve had a chair. Brittany sat down in the chair.  At this point, Andrew and I are thinking, “Oh my god, are they about to do a strip tease in front of our family??” Steve bends down and starts to reach under Brittany’s dress—Andrew and I were really nervous at this point.  She lifts her leg out a little bit and he pulls out a Cortland State Banner and holds it up proud. The whole venue was clapping and yelling so loud for several minutes.  Andrew and I met in Cortland (college) and at least 60 of our guests went to Cortland, even family.  It was a very cool moment.  Our photographer walked over to us and said, “If that’s any indication of how the night is going to go, then this is going to be one crazy and fun wedding reception.” It was simply amazing.”

What was your favorite wedding day moment? 


“Our first look.  I could not wait to see Andrew at 2:20. Once we saw each other, we felt completely at ease and less nervous for the day.”


What was your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue? 

Something old: My earrings—they were my senior prom earrings.

Something new: Andrew gave me a ring as a wedding gift on the day of our wedding and I wore that the entire day.  When we were in Lake George, NY this past Labor Day weekend, I lost a ring that my grandmother gave me when I was 13 years old. The ring had my birthstone in it. I wore that ring every day since then and since I lost it, I really felt horrible and guilty.  On the day of our wedding, Andrew got me a gold ring that had my birthstone in the ring. Even though the ring that my grandmother got me could never be replaced, the thought he put in to give me a similar ring with my birthstone in it means the world to me.

Something Borrowed: Andrew and I toasted out of champagne glasses that have been in my family for 90 years.  Each person who has gotten married on my mom’s side of the family and in my family have toasted out of these flutes on their wedding day.

Something Blue: The bottom of my shoes were blue (Blue by Betsey Johnson, Gina Champagne Satin Ankle Strap Heel).”

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

“Andrew and I will be going to St. Lucia Sandals Grande the first week of December.”


Any advice for future brides/grooms?

“Andrew and I made a promise to each other to really make the day about ourselves. We considered everyone else’s input and what they may have wanted, however, we really wanted to make the day about us and ultimately, the day wasn’t about them—it really was about us.  A lot of people came up to us throughout the day and even after the wedding was over, saying the whole day really resembled us as a couple, and we were so happy about that because that’s what we wanted to achieve.


Also, take a moment throughout the whole day and reception to sit back and soak it all in, just the two of you, because it goes fast!  Go somewhere private where you can look at all of your loved ones from a distance.  That is going to be one of the only times that all of your favorite people are in one room celebrating the two of you.  You are going to feel so much love and happiness on the day of—really take the time to enjoy it and take in all of the effort and work you put in to make this day happen.

Throughout the entire wedding planning process, try to laugh with each other, smile, and embrace the craziness because you are going to miss it when it is all over.”

Angela + Andrew’s Crooked Lake Wedding Vendors

wedding dress: Lea-Ann Belter Ginger via Something Bleu Bridal | photographer: J. Foley Photography | ceremony + reception venue: Old Daley at Crooked Lake | officiant: John Mizenko | DJ/band: Chris Hollister Entertainment | caterer: Old Daley | cupcakes: Coccadotts | florals: Fleurtacious Designs | makeup: Samantha Manning and Samantha Michele | hair: Olivia Engel of ONE Hair Artistry | suiting:  Joseph Abboud at Men’s Warehouse | videographer: Joshua Candelario of A Moment 2 Share

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Fall Wedding on Crooked Lake | Angela + Andrew
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