Free-Spirited Wedding at Sanctuary Gardens | Kristi + Tyler

There was an untamed, breeze-blown beauty at work on Kristi and Tyler’s wedding day at Sanctuary Gardens in Kelowna, BC. Or maybe it’s the couple itself who brought the bohemian vibes. They certainly brought the romance and love!

With baby’s-breath scattered in her loosely braided hair and Astrid & Mercedes Lovely as her wedding gown, Kristi is every inch a free spirit. Between our sweet bride, Tyler’s pared-down ensemble (those suspenders!), their tender expressions, and the natural, rustic beauty of their venue, we’re head over heels.

wedding dress: Astrid & Mercedes Lovely via Lillian Wild Bridal | photographer: Boketto Photography 

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Free-Spirited Wedding at Sanctuary Gardens | Kristi + Tyler
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  • Nathalie Daure March 8, 2018 Reply »

    This dress is so gorgeous. Does the lovely come with the bow? Or did the bride add this on?

    • Jessica Fox March 8, 2018 Reply »

      Hello Nathalie!
      We love Lovely, too! The bride added the bow to her Lovely gown, which is something you can do, too. Just let your salon know that you’d like that detail :).

  • Nathalie Daure March 9, 2018 Reply »

    I asked my bridal salon for the bow! Going to order it on Monday! It’s so perfect =)

    • Jessica Fox March 14, 2018 Reply »

      Yay! Congratulations! Please send us pics after your wedding!

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