Garden Wedding at Glen Magna Farms | Kyle + Taylor

On a quintessential summer day at Glen Magna Farms, Kyle and Taylor’s garden wedding was the stuff of which dreams are made—a huge tent bedecked in florals, perfect weather, love, and the scent of honeysuckle filling the atmosphere with joy. But, stunning though their day was, the story behind the wedding and their relationship is even better! We’ll let Kyle give you the scoop below, but know this—their time as singles apart (he moved to Ireland, which incidentally is where Taylor wound up proposing) made the future them so perfect together.

Their wedding day reflects this growth together in so many ways. Since Taylor and Kyle are happiest at home with friends and family, they did everything to make their wedding friendly, lovely, and comfortable. Plus, Kyle’s Lucille gown not only made her heart flip, but the flowers on it reminded her “of lilies, which were on one of Taylor’s dad’s favorite flowers and felt like the perfect way to honor his memory.” Their signature cocktails were named The “Fizzy Izzy” after their cat, Izzy, and the “First Down Phoenix,” a nod to Elon University, where they met. Even the wedding cake and cookies had meaning—they were made by Sally Ann’s Bakery, where Kyle had her first ever job!

Get all the beautiful, heartwarming details of their story and day along with the scoop behind those fabulous green groomsmen suits from our sweet bride, whose first dance with her husband was to “Anyone,” by Justin Bieber:


How did you meet and how did you know Taylor was “the one”?


“We have a long history! My husband, Taylor, and I, met back in 2009 at Elon University during our sophomore year. We dated throughout college and both moved up to Boston (I am from the area and Taylor has summered on Cape Cod his whole life). After about a year together, we went our separate ways. At the time, it was one of the hardest things to go through, but now that I see where we are, I know it was the right choice.

A few years after we broke up, Taylor and I reconnected on Snapchat of all places. He posted a picture with a caption that he was moving, and I asked him where he was headed. I expected him to respond that he was just moving to a different apartment in Southie, or somewhere new in the city, but he told me that work was sending him to Galway, Ireland. We agreed to meet for coffee before he left, said that we would keep in touch, and that was that.

During his 18 months in Ireland, we communicated mostly via Facebook Messenger and saw each other during one of his visits home. It was definitely challenging rebuilding our friendship (and what would be our future relationship) with no idea of when he would be home for good. On December 23, 2017, my best friend (and one of my bridesmaids!), Ashley, asked if I wanted to have dinner at our favorite restaurant in downtown Boston. We agreed to meet at the Makeway For Ducklings statues in the Boston Public Garden. When I arrived, Ashley was nowhere to be found, but Taylor was! We went to have dinner and drinks together that night and have been together ever since.

Spending those years apart was such a challenge, but it was the best decision that we ever made (he really made the decision, if I’m being honest). We were both able to grow so much as individuals, and we are better off together because of it. Being apart allowed us to truly realize that the things we wanted in a partner we had already found in each other. The time that we spent apart strengthened what we really loved about each other, and helped us to understand our differences, too. No one else compared to him when we were apart, no one ever will, and I am so grateful for our story.“

wedding dress: Lea-Ann Belter Lucille via Your Dream Bridal | photographer: Victoria Reilly Photography | scroll down for full vendor list

How did you guys get engaged?


“In 2019, Taylor and I spent my April teaching break traveling all around Ireland. It was amazing for him to show me the place that he had called home for so long, and the place where he had been while we got to know each other again. We spent a week traveling the entire country—we spent time in Northern Ireland, stayed at an Alpaca Farm, visited distilleries, everything imaginable! On the first sunny day of our trip, we stopped to see Inch Beach in Dingle. Taylor proposed with the opening line “It’s been a long road…” and it was the easiest “yes” ever! Afterwards, we had a few more beautiful days in Galway where I was able to meet his friends, see where he spent those years, and just celebrate!”


Tell us about your outfits! How did you choose your gown?


“I tried on so many beautiful gowns throughout my shopping process. However, none of them felt “right” or like me. I kept finding myself saying, “This one would be perfect IF…” or “This one would be perfect, BUT…” I finally made an appointment at Your Dream Bridal and immediately saw what would become my dress through the window. I said to my sister, “It’s pink!” When I tried my dress on, I fell in love with how I looked in it, how I felt like myself in it, the color and movement, and how it was the perfect balance of classic elegance and comfort with a unique twist! The florals on the dress also reminded me of lilies, which were on one of Taylor’s dad’s favorite flowers and felt like the perfect way to honor his memory. I knew it was the one when I simply didn’t want to take it off! The only thing that didn’t feel quite right was the bow, and I was so glad to hear that Lea-Ann Belter offers customizations—I was able to put real buttons down the back of the dress and was so happy with how beautiful it turned out!

Taylor surprised me by choosing a different color for his suit! He told me he wanted to wear green, and I was so taken aback and hesitant. Blank Label worked with us to pick the perfect shade of green for the guys and made amazing custom suits for them. I hate to admit it, but I was so wrong. They looked AWESOME.“


Why did you decide to get married where you did?


“Glen Magna Farms is absolutely stunning. The gardens are just beautiful and the house is equally as impressive. We knew that we wanted to have our ceremony on site, so finding a place that had a few different locations for people to be was important to us. Their ceremony space is gorgeous as is, and the tent for the reception allowed us to really let our (and our florist’s) imagination run wild! It was the perfect balance. It also helps that we had a gorgeous, sunny, 75-degree day in July.”

Tell us about your day!


“Our wedding was our second attempt at planning! Our original date was 9/19/2020 at a different venue. Before the pandemic hit, we had most of the details with our other vendors partially worked out and finalized. When we decided to postpone, we worked as hard as we could to find a new date that would work for as many of our original vendors as possible. Of course, some things needed to change, but we are really happy that we were able to find a solution that worked for almost all parties.

We decided to name our signature drinks after two things that are near and dear to our hearts. The “Fizzy Izzy” is for our cat, Izzy, and the “First Down Phoenix” is a shout out to Elon University, where we met. Our wedding cake and cookies were made by Sally Ann’s Bakery in Concord, MA, which was also the first place I ever worked and a spot so near and dear to my heart. Additionally, Taylor’s dad passed away about a month after we got engaged, so we honored him with an embroidery inside of Taylor’s suit, a white rose on an empty seat at the ceremony, and sprigs of rosemary in Taylor’s boutonniere and on each table setting for those who could not be with us.

Our goal for our wedding was for it to feel elegant, but also personable and laid back. Taylor and I feel most comfortable at home with our friends and family, and we wanted that day to be beautiful, comfortable, and friendly for everyone. We made sure to visit each table and say hello and thank you to everyone who attended, a goal we set for ourselves early on. We also wanted the dance floor to be packed, people to be laughing, and for everyone to leave happier than when they entered. From the speeches to the hugs to the ice cream sundaes, it was a day filled with so, so much love.”


One detail you couldn’t live without?


“This probably sounds cliche but being able to have all of our family and friends attend. Postponing for a year definitely had its challenges, but we think it was totally worth it to have the wedding we had always dreamt of with everyone we love by our sides.”


What was the funniest moment of your day?


“Not necessarily that day, but the day after! We decided to have one of our closest friends get ordained for the day and marry us. After he signed the Marriage License, we went on to have the best night ever! The day after the wedding, no one had ANY idea what had happened to the signed marriage license. We went back to the venue and searched the whole place from top to bottom. We even went into the dumpster. It was nowhere to be found, and we wound up having to order a new one to have signed after the fact.”


What was your something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue?


“Something Old: My shoes were new, but I had our original wedding date put on the bottom of the shoe on a plate. When we changed our date, I kept the original date on my shoes as my “something old.”
Something New: My dress!
Something Borrowed: A handkerchief from my mom that I kept in my pocket.
Something Blue: My underwear :)”


Three words that best describe your partner:



“I would say that Taylor is patient, thoughtful, and genuine.
He says that I am generous, trustworthy, and intelligent.”


Where did you go on your honeymoon?


“We are heading to Helsinki, Finland and Northern Finland to (hopefully) see the Northern lights in December!”


Any tips for couples getting married?


“Identify the things that are the most important to you and put those at the forefront. Listen to your partner—there may be things that don’t matter to you (like a raw bar!) that really really matter to them. Choose vendors that you enjoy as people as well as for their art. Take time during the day and evening as you need to step back and soak up all that is happening, the joy you are feeling, and the love in the room.“

Kyle and Taylor’s Glen Magna Farms Wedding Vendors

wedding dress: Lea-Ann Belter Lucille via Your Dream Bridal | photographer: Victoria Reilly Photography | venue + caterer: Glen Magna Farms and Vinwood Catering | hair: Sarah Naslund- My Big Hair Day | makeup: Makeup By Tracy O’Donnell | bridesmaid dresses: Lula Kate | suits: Blank Label | florals: Whitemoss and Twigs | cookies + cake: Sally Ann’s Bakery | strings: Fenway String Quartet | band: Honeytrain Music

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