Enchanting NYC Wedding | Scott + Adeline

Central Park is pretty amazing.  It’s this huge, 843-acre green space (with woods and everything) smack between the Upper West Side and Upper East Side in New York City.  You might be strolling along a tree-lined path, or upon a bridge over one of the park’s many ponds and lakes, when you look up and…BAM! Just beyond the trees or across the water is the city’s iconic skyline.

It’s a striking, romantic scene that turns magic when a couple in love enters the mix!  After exchanging vows, Scott and Adeline dipped into Central Park to capture a little of their own NYC fairy tale.


From Adeline:

How did your sweetie propose?

“Very low key- just the 2 of us at one of our favorite spots in Dumbo, Brooklyn.”

How did you choose your gown?

“I must have tried on hundreds of gowns! I was looking for a specific style but felt the bridal consultants where I went in NYC didn’t really understand what I wanted. Most of the dresses also seemed to weigh my petite frame down. I scheduled an appointment at Something Bleu Bridal in Saratoga Springs, NY for a completely different dress from a different designer. But I saw some of Lea-Ann’s gowns on their website and also asked to try on Ruby and Isla. The boutique had Isla brought in from Lea-Ann Belter in Canada and I fell in love with it once I tried it on!”

gown: Lea-Ann Belter Isla via Something Bleu Bridal | photographer: Tony from True Love Wedding

Tell us about your day! Did you have a theme or style in mind?

“We didn’t have a specific theme or style in mind. We kept it very simple, yet classic. Our colors were mint green, coral, and gold.”

What’s your funniest wedding day memory?

“When we were saying our vows, I was so nervous. I repeated the words slightly wrong and vowed to take Scott as my beloved wife! Also, Scott’s best man (his younger brother, Dale) dropped the rings as he was asked to bring them forward.”

What was your favorite wedding day moment?

“Both of our favorite moment was the first look. It was so emotional when we finally got to see each other. Scott has been holding out on seeing me in my dress for 2 years!”

Any advice for future brides/grooms?

“When the day comes, do not panic about what’s going according to schedule. Just focus on enjoying every second. Time passes way too fast to worry about things that aren’t important. – Hakuna Matata!”

Adeline + Scott’s NYC Wedding Vendors

gown: Lea-Ann Belter Isla via Something Bleu Bridal | photographer: Tony from True Love Wedding | hair + makeup: True Love Wedding

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Enchanting NYC Wedding | Scott + Adeline
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