Hello, Gorgeous! Meet Novelle

Fresh-faced and oh so pretty, Novelle Bridal shop in Edmonton came to be when owner Angel got married herself! Disappointed by her gown shopping experience, Angel envisioned a place with a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere where brides-to-be could shop for beautiful, special dresses. We’re proud to have our Astrid & Mercedes line included in their sensational shop! We caught Hannah, Novelle’s fashion director, as she buzzed around the boutique and asked for a peek behind the scenes:

How long have you been open?

We’re proud to say Novelle Bridal Shop just celebrated its 7-year anniversary!

Describe the Novelle bride:

The Novelle bride is young, fresh, has an eye for style and is down-to-earth. She’s the kind of girl you’d call your bestie.

What’s your favourite part of working in a bridal shop?

The best part about working at Novelle is getting to know all our brides, finding their dream dress and getting to be a small part of their big day!

Give us your best advice for a bride shopping for her gown:

As much as you think you may know exactly what you want, have an open mind and trust your consultant. Once you say yes to the dress, stop looking and celebrate!

What’s your favorite celeb style?

We chose 3 celebrities that embody characteristics of the Novelle bride:

Lauren Conrad: She’s the girly girl who loves everything pretty and is all about lifestyle. No matter what she’s doing, you know it’s going to be fabulous and beautiful. Lauren’s style is girly, boho, romantic.

Zooey Deschanel: She’s real, always having fun, and can laugh at herself. Zooey’s style is feminine, soft, and classic.

Jennifer Lawrence: Bold at times, and not afraid to be be herself. Whether Jennifer is rocking Christian Dior or jeans and a t-shirt, she always looks stunning and comfortable. We love that she’s never afraid to be herself.

Where do you dream of vacationing?

Anywhere in the world as long as we’re with our special person.

Favourite Astrid & Mercedes gown:

This is an easy one – the “Lovely.” Simply because it is so lovely! This dress represents the Novelle bride to us. Not only is this dress perfect as is, it is so versatile. We love pairing this beauty with all of the Astrid & Mercedes jackets, especially our newest addition to the shop, the Sweet Pea jacket. To top it off, this dress has pockets, and, let’s be real, who doesn’t love pockets?!

Hello, Gorgeous! Meet Novelle
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