Lockdown Lowdown | Hi Beautiful Bridal

Hi Beautiful Bridal of Rockton, Illinois lives up to its name. Brides walk in to find not only wall-to-wall wedding gown loveliness but loads of warmth and positivity! This is all due to owner Emily, who opened Hi Beautiful just under four months ago to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to community brides. Her love of weddings and for helping women find The Dress gives Emily serious joy. When we asked her what her bride’s style is, she had this to say: “Typically, my brides come through my door with a blend of so many ideas—which I love! It is fun to narrow down what she likes most and then build on that momentum to find “the one.” “

Emily loves what she does, ladies! For someone with so much passion for her young business, you’d think temporarily closing Hi Beautiful would be a heartbreaker. But the positivity and enthusiasm that Emily brings to each bridal appointment shines!


What are you doing with your time away from the shop?


“Being a new business in our area (three months as of April 7), this has been a great time to connect with local vendors. I’ve enjoyed watching them overcome these tough times by showing their creativity in ways that I haven’t seen before. We have been encouraging, supporting, and being honest with one another to get through the days that may feel longer than most. It has also been great to slow down at home with my family and enjoy the little things like baking cookies, playing games, taking walks, and catching up on some great Netflix shows!”

What is this time making you value the most?


“These times have given me the opportunity to truly think about the things I took granted before: having lunch at a favorite spot with my husband, visits with my extended family, hugs from my nephews, or simply a bonfire with friends. It has also been a great reminder to take things one day at a time and not let the future take up too much headspace.”

What is your personal favorite Astrid and Mercedes gown?


Heavenly! The name says it all. I feel like when a bride puts it on, they should be walking through the clouds. It will also never get old when someone says, “It has pockets!”

Emily and Hi Beautiful have recently launched “Stay Home & Say Yes!”. Starting May 1, Emily will work with her brides to find the right dresses in her shop, then bring the selections (and bubbly, along with everything else needed for an in-store appointment) to the bride. Find out more here, and reach out to Emily any time at (815) 543-1095.