Intimate Lakeside Wedding in Ontario | Robyn + Jordan

As far as proposal stories go, we’d say Robyn and Jordan’s wins the winter romance category. Says our sweet, winter-wonderland bride, “One sunny day in March, we went snowshoeing on a trail near our house with our husky, Timber. We were having so much fun racing each other, laughing and throwing snowballs at one another. I sat down in the snow to take a break and Jordan sat down beside me and pulled out the ring from inside his winter jacket pocket and here we are!”

These two set about putting together their 140-person wedding at an outdoor lodge—a plan that took a sharp turn with the onset of the pandemic. Luckily, Robyn’s dad lives on a lake in Ontario, their guest list was pared down to 25, and everything turned out as beautiful and full of love as they’d dreamed.

More about their day from Robyn, who fell for her True Love gown at our flagship Toronto bridal boutique:


How did you guys meet?


“We met while we were both going to University in Thunder Bay, Ontario!“


How did you choose your gown?


“My mom, my nanny, and I made a weekend trip to Toronto to try on some wedding dresses. When we went to my appointment at Lea-Ann Belter in Toronto, Vanessa was so much help! I wasn’t sure what style of dress I would be into the most, so I was open to try almost anything! Vanessa seemed to instantly know what type of dresses complemented me, and when I tried on True Love…I really did truly fall in love. The dress was like nothing else I had tried on anywhere. I fell in love with its simple but so timeless bridal look. When I tried it on, it spoke for itself. It was simple, genuine, elegant and suited my style perfectly.”

wedding gown: Astrid & Mercedes True Love via the flagship Toronto bridal boutique | photographer: Sawyer Photography and Videography | full vendor list at bottom

Tell us about your day!


“We had a beautiful intimate wedding day. Due to the Covid restrictions, we had to face some hurdles in the planning and our venue and guest list changed as a result. Initially, we had 140 guests at an outdoors lodge in Northern Ontario, but we ended up having to reduce our number down to 25 guests (which was hard, but we are so lucky to have such amazing friends and family who all understood the circumstances and continued to show their support for us and our day). We decided to take the opportunity of having a smaller guest list to reduce some venue costs, so we decided to have our ceremony and reception at my dad’s property (he lives on a lake in Sudbury, ON). Despite having to face so many changes in plans, our day still turned out absolutely wonderful. Having a small wedding made the day extra special and relaxing because we could chat with all of our guests for longer periods of time and not have to worry about rushing from guest to guest as much.”


What was your first dance song?

“’Ends of the Earth’ by Lord Huron. It has always been a staple song in our relationship and reflects our adventurous personalities.”


Describe your wedding day in five words or fewer:


“Laid-back, intimate, personal, outside, and rustic.”


What was the funniest moment of your day?


“We are a pretty silly couple, so naturally there were a few silly moments of the day! Like when I couldn’t reach the cake to cut it because it was at the top tier of a cupcake stand which was on top of a very tall table…so Jordan lifted me up (teamwork!).”


What was your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?


“I wore a necklace that was a very special gift from my Nanny (grandma on my mom’s side!). She had the diamond from her mother’s engagement ring (my great grandma) made into a necklace coupling as my something old and something new. My something borrowed and something blue was a blue broach that belonged to my Poppa’s (Grandpa on my mom’s side!) mother which I attached to my bouquet.“


Three words that best describe your partner:


“Jordan is laid-back, down-to-earth, and funny!”


Any advice for future brides/grooms?


“It’s easy to get caught up in planning for perfection, and many of our initial plans changed so drastically that we wished we hadn’t stressed so much about minor details. I know it sounds cliche but to other couples I would say to relax, don’t stress minor details because your day will turn out to be perfect and beautiful no matter what!”

Robyn + Jordan’s Lakeside Wedding Vendors

wedding gown: Astrid & Mercedes True Love via the flagship Toronto bridal boutique | photographer: Sawyer Photography and Videography  | hair, makeup, and styling: Robin Vince Hair and Makeup Stylist | florals: Fleurs Magique Flowers 

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Intimate Lakeside Wedding in Ontario | Robyn + Jordan
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