Lea-Ann Belter Fall 2018 Spellbound Collection Preview

In just a few sleeps more, we’ll be jetting off to NYC for bridal market to reveal our new Lea-Ann Belter Fall 2018 gowns…but you dolls get a sneak preview!

While in Amsterdam over the winter, Lea-Ann saw Sleeping Beauty as performed by the Dutch National Ballet. Originally intended for the Russian tsar and his court, the ballet’s set, music, and dancing are presented much as they were 125 years ago. Sitting in her velvet seat watching the dancers twirling on a shimmering stage, Lea-Ann was enthralled. Gowns of sumptuous beauty, elegance, and grace danced through her head and, once she got hold of a pencil, into her sketchbook. Back in Toronto, Lea-Ann carefully chose textiles, created patterns with her team, and brought Spellbound, her newest collection, to life!

P.S. While we’re in NYC for bridal market (now through April 17), our Toronto store will be closed. We’ll be back at it with all our new gowns on Wednesday, April 18.

Lea-Ann Belter Fall 2018 Spellbound Collection

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