Hello, Gorgeous! Meet Love and Lace

Nestled in sunny Irvine, California,  Love and Lace bridal salon is a labor of love. Owner Ramona Southard was previously a lawyer lacking an outlet for her love of fashion and weddings along with years of experience sewing thanks to her family’s alterations shop. That is, until she dreamed up the idea of a sweet little bridal salon that would be a haven of pampering and pretty for Orange County brides.

 We caught up with the wonderful ladies of Love and Lace to get the dish on their darling boutique:

How long you have you been open?

We’ve been open for a little over two years! We began selling dream dresses in December of 2013.

Who is the Love and Lace bride?

Our bride is fashionable, quirky, slightly non-traditional, and up-to-date with the latest trends! She is unique, not afraid to think outside the box, but rather is true to herself.

You still get butterflies when…

The delivery man arrives with new dresses…just kidding! Well, a little. We still get butterflies when a bride falls in love with a gown for the very same reasons we do! We take great care when choosing dresses for our salon. They are literally hand-picked! So we love when they reflect on all the details that make a dress amazing and unique, and can personally identify with how it speaks to their style and individuality.

What’s your best piece of advice for a bride shopping for her gown?

Shop with people who really know you and your vision for your wedding day! It’s saddening to us when a bride gets lost in what others think she should be wearing.

Favorite celeb style?

We’ve got a few. We love sophisticated Olivia Palermo, chic Jessica Alba, and iconic Sarah Jessica Parker!

What’s your dream vacation?

Currently, we’re dreaming of an exclusive little straw hut on a warm, Tahitian beach with a cold drink in our hand!

Dish on your favorite Astrid & Mercedes gown:

The Lovely gown! We love that it’s a modern-day twist on a classic look. It has a gorgeous silhouette! The dainty straps give it such a light and airy feel, and the pockets are so fun.

End-of-a-busy-Saturday wind-down tips:

We make sure all dresses are put away and that most things are in order. Then, we close up and say “Adios” until Monday morning! Our weekend begins Saturday night after closing.

Hello, Gorgeous! Meet Love and Lace
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