Fun, Modern Saskatchewan Wedding | Tori + Jared

After seeing Tori and Jared’s post-ceremony photos, we think bride and groom dance party pics should be a thing. Actually, why not party the whole day through as these two clearly did? The dancing, laughing, and smooching went from ceremony to the wee hours of their reception…and we’re almost 100% sure it hasn’t stopped since.

These two are proof positive that love can be found through an app. Says Tori, “The truth is that we met using a dating app. The ‘truth’ my husband likes to tell people is that we met at a coffee shop—although that is where we went for our first date.”

Don’t be bashful, Jared!

As you peruse their glorious pics, you’ll spy one in which everyone (we mean every person at the reception) is wearing bunny ears. Those were handed out by Tori’s parents, from whom Tori clearly inherited their sense of fun! More about those ears and our joyful couple’s Saskatchewan wedding from Tori:


How did your sweetie propose?


“He took me on a short hike on a beautiful fall day, and promised we could have a picnic at the top of the climb. The whole way climbing up we talked about our favourite moments from the past year. I was walking in front of him, and didn’t notice that he had stopped and dropped to his knee… he called my name and I came running back to him!”

gown: Astrid & Mercedes Divine gown via Sweet Pea & Noelle | photographer: Dane Roy Photography | full vendor list below

How did you choose your gown?


“Choosing the gown was probably one of the easiest wedding decisions I had to make. My mom and I went shopping a few weeks after the engagement and it was one of the first dresses I tried on. I went back-and-forth between this dress and another for a few days but I am so happy with my choice!”


What was your first dance song?


““Ends of the Earth” by Lord Huron”


What was the funniest moment of your day?


“During my parents’ speech welcoming the Groom to our family, they handed out 150 pairs of bunny ears for our guests to wear, which they all proudly put on! In our wedding photos from the reception, you can often spot a pair of bunny ears on one of our guests in the background.”


Three words that best describe your partner:




Any advice for future brides/grooms?


“Make sure you have a little bit of time carved out during your wedding day to be able to enjoy each other’s company in a private moment.”

Tori + Jared’s Saskatchewan Wedding Vendors

wedding dress: Astrid & Mercedes Divine gown via Sweet Pea & Noelle | photographer: Dane Roy Photography | venue: The Hotel Saskatchewan

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