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Full of gorgeous gowns and so, so genuine—that’s Nicole Barré Bridal in Memphis, Tennessee! Owner Nicole’s approach to helping women find the dress is like shopping with a BFF, master stylist, and advocate all at once. Says Nicole, “You know how sometimes even in a room full of people you can still feel alone? You say to yourself, “Gosh if only ‘so and so’ were here, I’d feel so much more confident.” I’ve felt that way far too many times in my life. I’ve made it my mission to be THAT person for my brides. I’m your safe person, I’m your hype-woman, I’m your voice when you need it, and there when you’re overwhelmed.”

Though Nicole Barré Bridal has only been open since December 2019, area brides have already established Nicole’s shop as the place to go for sophisticated, clean gowns like our Coco and some champion mat-talking (you saw Cheer, right? )

As you can imagine, being away from her new shop is a bummer, but that hasn’t stopped Nicole from preparing to welcome brides into her space again!


What are you doing with your time away from the shop?


“I am doing lots of projects at home and cooking dinner with my husband every night. I am also working on social media and starting to pick some new gowns for this year.”

What is this time making you value the most?


“This time is making me value relationships and just being around people. I LOVE being around people and enjoy sharing lots of laughs. I think we take for granted being able to hug someone or just be in the same room with them.”


What are your fave Lea-Ann Belter gowns?


Valentina in mocha! This gown gives me all the feels! Can I just wear her when vacuuming the house?”

If you’re a Memphis bride-to-be, you can start planning your visit now! Make an appointment here, and follow @nicolebarrebridal on Insta!

Lockdown Lowdown | Nicole Barré Bridal
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