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Vanessa and Mike met in the most modern of ways—a swipe on a dating app. Thanks to their digital introduction, they realized they had a good friend in common. Of course, they then proceeded to milk their pal for information about one another!
Little did they know that the easy conversation and spark present on their first date would lead to love and a family that grew to include Vanessa’s two daughters and their rescue dog, Utah.

Things between them took a beautiful turn during a winter hike in Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, where, amidst a serene snowfall, Mike proposed in the most beautiful way.

Shares Vanessa, “As we were walking along the trail, giant snowflakes were falling, it was such a beautiful day. Then one of my daughters distracted me and said we should take some photos together. After the photo taking, I started to turn around and continue on the trail when I heard Mike say, “What is that around Utah’s neck?” I went in closer towards him to take a look and then I gasped. I saw a ribbon that had catbird jewelry written on it, “What is that?!” I exclaimed but I knew right away because I knew he knew that was my favourite jewelry store. Mike then proposed then and there as the snow was falling and we decided to be a family forever. My daughters were giggling behind me as I realized they had been filming the entire time. It was the most perfect proposal ever!”

Get all the details of their intimate, winery wedding day (including how she found her Abigail topper and Eden skirt) from our sweet bride below.

wedding dress: Lea-Ann Belter Eden skirt and Abigail top via the flagship Toronto bridal boutique | scroll down for full vendor list

How did you know Mike was “the one”?

“I think we both got to a point in our relationship where we just enjoyed each other’s company so much that we became the best of friends. We could go out on the biggest adventure or stay in and play board games and watch movies, and it felt like we always had a good time together no matter what we did.“

Tell us about your outfits! How did you choose your gown?

“Mike wore a custom royal blue, Italian wool 3-piece suit from Indochino. I wore a two-piece gown, Eden skirt and Abigail top from Lea-Ann Belter. I was having a really hard time finding a gown. I had ideas of what I wanted, but everything I had tried on, although beautiful, didn’t feel like me. I wanted something elegant and classically simple yet flirty and fun. Lea-Ann Belter was the last bridal appointment I made after doing some research on local bridal designers. The appointment felt different from the beginning right to the days before the wedding. From the attention I got from Vanessa, the bridal specialist who took care of me from beginning to end to the ability to customize every detail to make sure the gown was exactly as I envisioned, to the multiple custom fittings and adjustments to ensure everything was perfect. I’m glad I took my time and didn’t rush the process and that along the way, I found myself in Lea-Ann’s boutique.“

Why did you decide to get married where you did?

“We chose to get married at Peninsula Ridge Estate Winery because it had multiple elements we were looking for; an outdoor ceremony, an intimate coach house for the reception, and then a beautiful patio and outdoor area for people to enjoy themselves, dance the night away, and celebrate. The vineyard is on the Niagara Escarpment and overlooks Lake Ontario and is also located in my husband’s hometown where he grew up.“

What parts of your wedding day were most important to you?

“Some of the most memorable moments of our wedding day are when we escaped after the ceremony to the wine cellar and had our first toast as husband and wife and some delicious hors d’oeuvres! It was nice to talk for a moment to ourselves since leading up to the ceremony we were both nervous wrecks. I remember the gorgeous sunset that evening and how beautiful it was having that as a backdrop while everyone talked, ate, and had a great time. The winner has to be the moment a few of us caught my daughter telling Mike how much she loves him and is happy that he is officially her stepdad, which made him cry and then her cry and then we all cried. Also, I must say the wedding jams playlist Mike made was amazing. We saved it, and every so often I play it in the car or at home, and the memories of that day come back and make me smile.”

What was the funniest moment of your day?

“The funniest moment for me was walking down the aisle. I remember Mike got so nervous, and so I was like I can lead us, as we had decided to walk down the aisle hand in hand together, but he assured me he was fine. Well, come ceremony time, we get out of the car and wait for the music to start, and Mike starts to get really nervous again. So when the time comes for us to start walking, he grabs my hand and starts walking so fast that in the videos it practically looks like he’s dragging me down towards the officiant. You can see he notices just before reaching the front and pauses to let me catch up but it’s so funny watching it now. He likes to tell people it’s because he just couldn’t wait to marry me!”

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

“We spent 16 days in New Zealand for our honeymoon. We rented a motorhome and drove 3258km across the north and south islands. It was the most magnificent and magical place we have ever been! We went white water rafting, and skydiving and did multiple hikes and summits up mountains and active volcanoes. We saw seals and dolphins, glaciers and fjords. It was truly the most amazing trip ever.”

Any tips for couples getting married?

“Be true to you as a couple. Yes, you have to make compromises with in-laws and/or family members but in the end, it really is your day and should reflect the couple in the most meaningful way possible.”

Vanessa + Mike’s Penninsula Ridge Estate Winery Wedding Vendors

wedding dress: Lea-Ann Belter Eden skirt and Abigail top via the flagship Toronto bridal boutique | planning: Watering Can Weddings | venue: Peninsula Ridge Estate Winery | groom’s suit: Indochino Weddings | hair: Hair Creations | dessert: AG Macarons  | Jewelry: Anice Jewellery

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Peninsula Ridge Estate Winery Wedding | Vanessa + Mike
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