Wedding at Glen Island Harbour Club | Noelle + David

When you know, you know. It doesn’t matter if you’re at dinner or, as in Noelle and David’s case, in a dunk tank on spring break. That love truism is an ingredient to all happily ever afters, whether you’re a fairy tale heroine or not.

Noelle’s sweet “how we met” story pretty much knocked our socks off – there’s the aforementioned dunk tank, long distance, and years between the moment their eyes met and ‘I do,’ but there’s no stopping fate!

How We Met

“David and I met in college while on spring break in the Bahamas. I had seen him sitting in a dunk tank at the beach party and dunked him on my first shot. I honestly can’t throw, so it must have been fate. We went to universities in separate parts of the country and didn’t date for several years later but stayed friendly thanks to social media. David will tell you that he knew from the moment he met me, I was the one. It’s one of my favorite things about him, how confident he is and always has been in US.”

lace jacket: Mackenzie via The Plumed Serpent | photographer: Aga & Marcin of Storytellers & Co.

That last line is the stuff of relationship goals, right? So, it’s no surprise that these two had a wedding day that unabashedly celebrated love. We’re still swooning over their wedding pictures!

Noelle paired her chic satin gown with our lacy Mackenzie jacket and the look was just…wow. The perfect look for an out of this world day.

Choosing a Dress

“They say it’s one of the hardest decisions you’ll make (there are so many to choose from!) but it was love at first sight when I tried mine on. Like many brides today, I wanted two different looks, one for the ceremony and another for the reception. Choosing a simple satin gown made my Lea-Ann Belter lace jacket a perfect addition creating a classic romantic look I loved!”

Favorite Part of the Day

“There were so many incredible moments – it’s almost impossible to pick just one but if I had to choose it would be the surprise second line! We had lived in New Orleans together for a couple of years and my father-in-law arranged a New Orleans second line (a parade led by a brass band that celebrates the new bride and groom) – a tradition we both love. The band put on captains hats, passed us decorated umbrellas, and gave the guests monogrammed hankies as we sashayed around the room!”

Advice to Future Brides

“Have fun, don’t let the details drive you crazy, although they will, and make sure to step back on the big day with your husband (yes, he’s your husband now) and take it all in; the dancing, the flowers, the cake and most importantly all the love in the room, because it goes by so fast and you’ll want to remember that one moment forever.”

Noelle + David’s Glen Island Harbour Club Wedding Vendors

bridal jacket: Lea-Ann Belter Mackenzie | bridal gown: Caroline Castigliano | bridal boutique: The Plumed Serpent Bridal | photographer: Aga and Marcin of Storytellers & Co. | venue: Glen Island Harbour Club

Wedding at Glen Island Harbour Club | Noelle + David
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