Rustic Wedding at Classic Oaks Ranch | Andriana + Rafael

Groomsmen come in handy for more than standing around, looking handsome and charming. For a few (literally) hairy moments, they were dress defenders on Andriana and Rafael’s wedding day. Our sweet bride’s story of jailbreaking dogs (details below) is for sure one of those unpredictable, funny situations that make for a “remember when” story. And on a day chock full of beautiful, tender, fun moments like Andriana and Rafael’s, it all came together to create one unforgettable celebration!

Dressed in her Magnolia gown and cowboy boots, Andriana carried an embroidered handkerchief that belonged to her grandfather with her down the aisle, and after she and Rafael exchanged vows, white doves were released! Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Even better, as Andriana told us, it was a day “filled with love and a promise of a beautiful future.”

From Andriana:

How did your sweetie propose?

“He went with me on a work trip to New York in December 2016. The first night we got there we went to see the Christmas tree and ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center with a few coworkers. We decided to take a picture in front of the Christmas tree and as I’m standing taking our picture he turns to me and gets down on one knee and proposes. Well, little did I know he had already spoken with my coworkers before we arrived and let them know his plans. Instead of taking a picture, my coworker was on Facebook Live so that our family and friends could see the proposal. It was such a special moment and I am so happy that we have it recorded to see forever. He also Pinterest stalked me to see what style of engagement ring I wanted. I have always wanted a pearl and he chose the perfect ring for me.”

wedding dress + veil: Lea-Ann Belter Magnolia, Penny veil via Bridal Boutique Lewisville | photo + video: Avant Multimedia

Tell us about your day! Did you have a theme or style in mind?

“I love the rustic look. Our venue was on a 200+ acre ranch, the ceremony was outside and the reception in a barn, everything came together in such a simple classy way.”

What’s your funniest wedding day memory?

“Now that I look back this is funny, while we were taking photos after the ceremony the property owner’s dogs got out of their gate and ran over to us to play, thank goodness we did not get dirty! The groomsmen were able to round them up and get them back into their area.”

What was your favorite wedding day moment?

“The whole day was amazing, and it just went by way too fast! It’s definitely hard to narrow it down to a favorite moment, but I would have to say the entire ceremony. I can honestly say that I don’t remember seeing anyone else besides Rafael when walking down the aisle. My brother officiated our ceremony and was able to make it personal and special.”

Describe your wedding day in 5 words or less:

“This is way too hard! Our day was amazing, filled with love and a promise of a beautiful future.”

What was your something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue?

“Something Old- I held an old white handkerchief with the letter E embroidered on it that belonged to my grandfather when he was alive. It was my way of knowing he was there with us.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

“We didn’t take a honeymoon. We are planning on buying a house in the next few months. We may take a road trip or have a local weekend getaway soon.”

Any advice for future brides/grooms?

“Wedding day advice would be to just enjoy the day. Don’t stress over things. There will be hiccups but most people won’t even notice. Have fun and take lots of pictures because it goes way too fast!”

Andriana + Rafael’s Classic Oaks Ranch Wedding Vendors

wedding dress + veil: Lea-Ann Belter Magnolia, Penny veil via Bridal Boutique Lewisville | photo + video: Avant Multimedia | venue: Classic Oaks Ranch

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