Sacred Mountain Julian Wedding Weekend | Liliya + Scott

A wedding weekend in California on a mountain? Yes please!

Scott and Lilya hosted a warm, rustic celebration (including a welcome reception and post-wedding brunch) at Sacred Mountain in Julian, CA.  Covered in greenery and full of amazing views, the venue was the perfect place to celebrate the next step in their lives together while spending as much time as possible with family and friends.

Lilya’s dress search took her all over town, but when she arrived at our flagship Toronto bridal boutique, she found Coquette! Lilya knew it was the right one because she “loved the way it looked on me, it was light and comfortable. And it had pockets which was perfect…”

It was perfect for her venue, too, as you’ll see in their gorgeous pictures! Hear more about Lilya and Scott’s day (and their amazing honeymoon in Italy) from our stunning bride below:


How did your sweetie propose?


“Scott proposed at home. It was quite a surprise because we didn’t think of getting married yet. We had conversations in the past but no plan of getting married anytime soon. I came home after work on Friday and as soon as I walked in I noticed flowers on the table, red roses. I was confused, not about the flowers but the fact that they were roses. Scott buys flowers all the time but never roses. So it was a bit strange. Then I walked into the house and was about to get ready for the evening (we had jazz night planned). But Scott asked me to come see him in the other room. I walked in and he got on his knee. I thought it was some sort of joke but turned out it was not! After I said yes, we both sat on the bed for a while to process what just happened. Luckily, we had our evening planned out and now there was something big to celebrate. Also, he later told me that he had planned to propose a week before when we were in New York (Valentines weekend) however, a few days before our trip he found out the ring was not ready.”

wedding dress: customized Astrid + Mercedes Coquette via the flagship Toronto bridal Boutique | photographer: Makenna Brylee

How did you choose your gown?

“I started shopping for a gown almost a year after we got engaged. I did not have a particular style in mind. I just wanted a dress that I could to eat and drink without worrying about anything.

My mom and I went to a couple of salons my friends recommended. The options we had were nice, and my mom liked one in particular, but I was not too crazy about it. Then I found the Lea-Ann Belter Bridal salon. I remember my first time coming in to try dresses at Lea-Ann Belter and I immediately liked the atmosphere of the place. It was spacious and very cozy at the same time. Vanessa assisted me with dress selection. She was very friendly and easy to chat with. I tried a few dresses on but one of them stood out right away. I loved the way it looked on me, it was light and comfortable. And it had pockets which was perfect as I was not planning on walking around with a purse or a clutch in my hand.”

Tell us about your day! Did you have a theme or style in mind?


“Our wedding was held at Sacred Mountain in Julian, California. We booked the mountain for 3 days where we hosted a welcome reception, a wedding, then a brunch the following day.

We loved the rustic look and feel of the venue. The whole place was covered in lush greenery and looked stunning. We added just a few pieces of decoration and flowers but kept it to a minimal—the views were amazing in every direction.

All events took place outdoors.  Our ceremony and the cocktail hour was held on the sunset plateau, and our reception was held in the Meadow Courtyard. Our top favourite things were: stunning views of the mountains, market and fairy lighting in trees, our first dance, and our lovely guests.

We really wanted to create a California feel for our guests, so we had small bottles of California blueberry wine as the favors.”


What was your first dance song?


“L.O.V.E by Natalie Cole. We actually took dance lessons to learn the moves. It was probably the most exciting and a bit terrifying part of our wedding preparation. I was worried Scott would miss / forget steps. And I was wrong. As soon as we started dancing, I was the one who did not remember what to do. We actually had to stop and start again. It was quite entertaining (in a good way). I know on your wedding day everything has to be perfect but I think it’s ok if it’s not!”


Describe your wedding day in 5 words or fewer:


“Fun, relaxing, and comfortable.”


What was your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?


“My sister gave me her bracelet (borrowed), I bought new lingerie (new), hair pins (old). And I forgot about something blue but luckily Scott bought me blue earrings and gifted to me on our wedding day.”

Where did you go on your honeymoon?


“We went to Italy at end of September. Our first stop was Milan where we spent a few days exploring the city and did a day trip to Lake Como. Our next stop was Cinque Terre. We rented a car in Milan and drove to our next destination. It was one of the most beautiful drives. We booked an apartment in La Spezia, just a few miles away from Cinque Terre. Unexpectedly, it turned out the best place apartment/villa we stayed in Italy. It had a view of the mountains, hills and the sea. Oh — and it had an olive tree garden. We spent the next few days hiking in Cinque Terre, eating anchovies and drinking more wine. From there, we drove to Tuscany. And as expected, it was gorgeous. We explored the Chianti region south of Tuscany, and stopped at random towns while driving. One of the highlights (outside of all the wineries and beautiful scenery of Tuscany) was a walled town of Lucca. We ended our trip in a city full of art, history and culture—the city of Florence.”


Any advice for future brides/grooms?


“Enjoy the celebration. I think it’s ok to pepper in some imperfection on the day of your wedding as it all adds to fun memories. Stressing out about small things will only take away the time you have to create memories.“

Liliya + Scott’s Sacred Mountain Julian Wedding Vendors

wedding dress: customized Astrid + Mercedes Coquette via the flagship Toronto bridal Boutique | photographer: Makenna Brylee | wedding coordinator: Aly Ann Events | venue: Sacred Mountain Julian | florals: With Flourish | catering: Coast Catering | DJ: GarDouble Productions

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