Sassy Saskatchewan Wedding | Shayna + Jordan

If unconventional and spunky are words you’d use to describe your wedding day, then Shayna and Jordon’s celebration is right up your nuptial alley! These two wed in Saskatchewan, with a pit stop at a friend’s family farm for a photo-op. Perfect, since our bride grew up on a farm, and it was the perfect backdrop for looking fabulous in her Artemisia dress.

For her “something old,” Shayna used an old suitcase for cards that had journeyed with her aunt from her wedding day to honeymoon 51 years ago. It’s even pictured in her aunt’s wedding album! Is that sweet or what?

From Shayna:

 How did your sweetie propose?

“Jordon and I ended up living together out of convenience more than anything. He was going to trade school and it didn’t make sense for him to be paying rent while he went. So, he moved into my one bedroom apartment with me! Needless to say, it was cramped and we hated it so we bought a house together.

As soon as you buy a house with your significant other, people start to ask if you are going to get married soon. It was a year and 4 days after we moved into the house that he proposed to me in our kitchen! I was in sweatpants and was stressed about a long week of work and he got down on one knee and asked me while I was blabbing on about something insignificant. And then, my shock became clear as I shouted, “RIGHT NOW?!”, while he was trying to ask me to marry him. Haha. To top it all off, after I said “Yes!” he said, “Ok, you go call your mom, and I am going to put the new tires on the quad.” Haha. We were not very romantic in that moment.”

wedding dress: Artemisia via Sweet Pea & Noelle | photographer: Kenton Doupe Photography | scroll down for vendor list

How did you choose your gown?

“I wanted a style of dress that was a little different. I didn’t want to fit into a mold or have a dress that didn’t make me feel wow. But, I also wanted a style that would allow me to stand out, fit well, and have detail. The dress had all the little details I wanted in the other dresses I tried on. The lace, the tulle, the beading, it was stunning!”


What was your something old?

“I really liked my ‘something old.’ I asked my aunt if she had a small suitcase I could use for cards so she dug out a small carrying case she had. When I went to pick it up, she got really excited and asked if she could show me a picture. Of course, how could I refuse her when she was so excited? She pulled out her wedding album and showed her exit photo where her husband, my uncle, was carrying that very case. My aunt was so pleased to be able to share it with me and she said, “If that doesn’t bring good luck, I don’t know what will.” They just recently celebrated their 51st anniversary.”


Tell us about your day!

“Our wedding was on August 12th in Yorkton, Saskatchewan—the entire day was special, loving, well-planned (I must say), beautiful and hot, and quick! One of the groomsmen arranged with his parents that we could go to their farm to get some of the pictures done. They were so amazing and welcoming and told us to drive wherever we wanted! They even dragged a truck out of the trees with a tow-rope for us! I insisted that I wanted a picture standing in a field, because I grew up with a family farm, so I was grateful that they were so accommodating.”


What’s your funniest wedding day memory?

“It was the end of the night, and we were meeting up with a group to after-party at the Casino. (Classy, I know!) The bride and groom were the last to leave the hall and we were trying to find our friends. We were leaving the hotel room and my new husband proceeded to step on the train of the gown resounding in a very loud RIIIPPPPP! I was devastated and let out a yell. Although the dress is much worse for wear, I still smile at the memory because my husband was trying so hard to be close to me and hold my hand.”

Shayna + Jordan’s Saskatchewan Wedding Vendors

wedding dress: Artemisia via Sweet Pea & Noelle | photographer: Kenton Doupe Photography | shoes: Kate Spade | florals: Vibe Interior Decorating

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Sassy Saskatchewan Wedding | Shayna + Jordan
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