Snowy Branford House Wedding | Lauren + Jeffrey

You know when you see an image so romantic and breathtaking it must be from some amazing movie? And then you realize…no. That’s real life. Yeah. That happened to us the moment we saw the below image of Lauren and Jeffrey on their wedding day. Snow swirling all around. Magic lighting. A kiss like the one described in The Princess Bride. (In case you haven’t heard the quote in question: “Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.”― William Goldman).

That moment between these newlyweds is just one of many, friends. Married on a spectacularly wintry day at Branford House in Connecticut, Lauren and Jeffrey took that inclement wedding day weather and reveled in it. They frolicked. They canoodled. Indoors, where things were warmer but equally full of joy and celebration, this duo was surrounded by another kind of beauty.

Dressed for the occasion in her floaty Lea-Ann Belter gown, LABB Mackenzie lace bolero, flirty blusher veil, blue shoes and a divine white fur coat, Lauren’s look throws some serious snow queen vibes!

wedding dress and lace jacket: Lea-Ann Belter Tess gown and Mackenzie bolero via The Plumed Serpent  | photographer: Lovemore Photo

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Snowy Branford House Wedding | Lauren + Jeffrey
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  • Mark Byron Dowie March 12, 2017 Reply »

    Stunning work. Epic photography. Some of the best I have seen this year.

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