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Housed within a gorgeous renovated Victorian mansion, Something Bleu Bridal is a dream dress oasis. When owner Denise returned from Hawaii, she opened the popular boutique formally known as Bird of Paradise in 1981, which opened the door for the bridal division Something Bleu in 1994.

Welcoming, elegant and a touch bohemian, Something Bleu is a super special place. Denise, her amazing (and so, so sweet) buyer/stylist Allison and the rest of their wonderful team take fantastic care of our brides! We caught Allison and Denise in between appointments to get a peek behind the scenes at Something Bleu:

Provence at Something Bleu |  photo: Tiffany Wayne Photography

How long you have been open?

The store was established in 1981 as a boutique and expanded to a full blown bridal boutique in 1994.

Describe the Something Bleu bride:

A Bleu bride doesn’t fit a “type.” We seem to attract playful brides who are anti-zilla. A Something Bleu bride is the fun-girl-you-would-totally-be-friends-with!

Favorite part of working in a bridal shop:

We love nurturing a woman’s spirit! We want our brides to feel beautiful and confident. It is an amazing experience to witness a garment can change the way a woman sees and feels about herself.

Best piece of advice for a bride shopping for her gown:

We encourage brides to keep first visits limited to only 1 or 2 guests maximum. We want to see my brides develop their own style and listen to their heart before being influenced by family and friends or rushed into making a decision.

Favorite celeb style:

Sarah Jessica Parker! I believe women are moody dressers so I appreciate that she isn’t wed (pun intended) to one specific ‘look.’ She doesn’t take trends too seriously and always seems to be sporting the best accessory, confidence!

Dream vacation:

I think we can all agree some solid time in the South of France would suit us just fine!

Favorite Astrid & Mercedes gown:

Provence – whimsical and sweet!

A&M | Hello Gorgeous! Meet Something Bleu Bridal
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  • Lisa Doin April 6, 2016 Reply »

    I had the pleasure to work with Denise and Allison as a “mother of the bride”. The first time we stepped into Something Bleu we knew we were somewhere special. My daughter, Alexis, and I looked forward to every appointment we had and were sad when we picked up her dress. The boutique is truly magical and the staff is the best!!!

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