Sunflower Wedding at Dutchess Manor | Alicia + Joe

When Joe asked Alicia to marry him, he planned for it to happen on the same night of his birthday dinner. Both of their families were there and were in on the plan, but it was a huge surprise to Alicia! Once their feet were touching the ground again, their wedding plan centered around one thing—ensuring they and their families had a great time.  Alicia explained it this way: “We come from families who like to throw a great party, so our goal was to have a giant party to unite both our wonderful families with no stress and have a great time.”

Their excellent wedding planning strategy resulted in a fabulous, sunflower-filled, joyful bash at Dutchess Manor, about which Alicia shares all the details, including how she found her Astrid & Mercedes Margaux gown:

From Alicia:

 How did your sweetie propose?

“Joe did a great job of surprising me. He told me we were doing a family dinner for his birthday and he invited his family to come up and meet us, as well as my family, at an Albany brewery. I thought we were all just coming together to celebrate his birthday but really they all had another trick up their sleeves. Joe wrapped one gift up in birthday wrapping paper with a special card for me and gave it to his mom to smuggle in with the rest of his birthday presents. The card played “Marry Me” by Train and he got down on one knee. Joe even got all my friends together from all over NY and they came up to surprise and celebrate with us later that night. It was magical. I am usually pretty on top of things and not usually surprised but he did a great job pulling it all off.”

wedding dress: Astrid & Mercedes Margaux via Something Bleu | photographer: The Ramsdens | scroll down for full vendor list

How did you choose your gown?

“My mom and I went to Something Bleu Bridal in Saratoga, NY because of glowing recommendations from my coworker, who was married the summer before. When we got there, I picked out eight dresses to try on. The third dress I tried on was the one I ended up picking to wear on my special day. I just loved it and knew it was the one even as I tried on the next few dresses. It made my mom cry every time I tried it on for a fitting so safe to say she loved it, too!”

Tell us about your day! Did you have a theme or style in mind?

“We did not really have a theme. We wanted to just keep it simple and similar to us. We included a few Batman things (our mutual favorite superhero) and simple sunflowers. We come from families who like to throw a great party so our goal was to have a giant party to unite both our wonderful families with no stress and have a great time. Throughout all the planning process we kept that in mind and we were successful in the end. We had A LOT of great food, a lot of great family and friends showed up and we all danced and partied the night away.”

What’s your funniest wedding day memory?

“That is hard to decide! There were many funny moments including the ring bearer peeing through his clothes and having to be photographed in a diaper and socks. One of the groomsmen used the popular Snapchat filter of the dancing hot dog and had it photobomb the first dance. Another one of my funniest memories from the day was when my younger brother did his reading during the ceremony. My brother is a very soft spoken, quiet person so it was already an honor for him to agree to do a reading in front of 200 people. So, he did his reading and at the end he decides to be funny and yells, ” You may kiss the bride! Oh wait, am I not supposed to be in charge of that part?!” It had the whole place in tears. It was just so funny because it  just did not seem like something he would do but we loved every second of it.”

What was your favorite wedding day moment?

 “Another hard choice because the day came out perfect! It was everything I hoped it would be. I loved being able to walk down the aisle with both my mom and my dad. I loved having my 9 bridesmaids by my side. I was very happy to finally marry my best friend after many years and we were able to have so many family and friends come to celebrate with us.”

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

“We went on a cruise around Hawaii. It was absolutely gorgeous and getting to visit multiple islands in one trip was perfect because each island is so greatly different.”

Alicia + Joe’s Dutchess Manor Wedding Vendors

wedding dress: Astrid & Mercedes Margaux via Something Bleu | photographer: The Ramsdens | venue: Dutchess Manor | hair: Karen Pickles at The Greenroom | makeup: Jessica Holz, Simply Elegant Beauty | florals: Morgan’s Florist | caterer: Dutchess Manor | wedding cake: The Pastry Garden | suiting/tuxes: Black by Vera Wang / Mens Warehouse |  bridesmaid dresses: Davids Bridal | music: Enriquez Entertainment | officiant: Eve Stevans | rings: Jaymark Jewelers

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Sunflower Wedding at Dutchess Manor | Alicia + Joe
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