PNW Lake House Wedding | Jen and Brady

Private residence weddings always have a special kind of magic—that at-home feeling permeates every moment. Jen and Brady had spent fun summer days at Brady’s family’s Lake Oswego property, and the idea of building even more happy memories there felt right. They wanted the day to be laid-back, elegant, and romantic. So, with the help […]

Home Wedding on Sea Island | Martha Stewart + Dallis

Swing dancing (we’re talking flips and everything), fresh seafood, grits, and so much fun went down on Martha Stewart and Dallis’s wedding day! These two high school sweethearts wanted to include as many friends and family as possible, and Martha Stewart has vacationed on Sea Island since she was a girl. So, it made perfect [...]

An Intimate Country Wedding at a Log Cabin | Laila + Gerry

Love can come at you sideways, as in Laila and Gerry’s case. The day they met started out typically for these two lawyers…until they found themselves working on the same side of a mediation. That moment was the spark which over the course of ten years grew into a full-blown romance—after business hours, of course! [...]

Lovely Home Wedding in Batavia, NY | Eilidh + Jack

Eilidh and Jack may have met in college, but Jack has her betta fish to thank for a reason to visit her regularly! After their initial meeting (which they both remember as totally different moments), Jack became very committed to feeding Eilidh’s finned friend every day…and things went swimmingly from there! After their sweet engagement [...]

Northern California Backyard Wedding | Caitlin + Steve

There’s an old oak tree in Caitlin’s parents’ backyard, and she always envisioned getting married beneath it one day. That wish came true on a glorious fall day when she exchanged vows with Steven! Loaded with character and color, their celebration was a joyous quilt of stunning florals, vintage furniture, romantic lighting, their cute pup [...]

Backyard Garden Wedding in Aiken SC | Liz + Jordan

Intimate and beautiful, Liz and Jordan's wedding day took place in Liz's parents' backyard! These two placed a premium on keeping things intimate, starting with their ceremonies.  The first was held at Liz's childhood church. Explained our sweet bride, "Jordan and I were both intimidated by a large wedding and saying our vows in front [...]