Constellation-Inspired Wedding | Kassandra + Scott

There is so much to love about Kassandra and Scott’s love story and constellation-inspired wedding day, from Kassandra walking herself down the aisle singing Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” to Kassandra’s brother officiating the ceremony. But the most wonderful thing? After a honeymoon in Italy centered around a Mediterranean cruise, they discovered Kassandra was [...]

Dreamy Wedding at the Sugar Swing Ballroom | Selena + Ben

After meeting in junior high—and dating for a week (as you do)—Selena and Ben began dating again in high school and have been together ever since. Years after high school, in the midst of a road trip to Halcyon Hot Springs and in the middle of a blizzard, they stopped to stay a couple nights [...]

Windswept Wedding at Waterton Lakes | Michelangela + Nick

Sometimes, when it rains, it pours, so why not dance in it with your partner and best friend? That’s how Michelangela and Nick reacted to the series of events thrown their way. Initially, they’d planned to get married at The Dean House in Calgary, but then canceled due to the onset of the pandemic. Next, [...]

Manitou Beach Wedding at Danceland | Brittanie + Scott

Alliteration is the best, especially when employed to so perfectly describe your wedding day as Brittanie did: “Blessed, blissful, and breathtaking.” Her and Scott’s celebration was definitely all of those things, and we’d add magical, made for each other, and moving, too! These two exchanged vows in a park near their venue, Danceland, in Manitou [...]

Nautical Port of Sydney Wedding | Kim + Aaron

Riding in a boat to your wedding with your best girlfriends should definitely be a thing, because that’s what our lovely bride Kim did on her way to meet her sweet groom, Aaron, at the altar. Which, in their case was the Big Fiddle. The Big Fiddle is a 60-foot-high sculpture on the Sydney, NS [...]

Fun, Modern Saskatchewan Wedding | Tori + Jared

After seeing Tori and Jared’s post-ceremony photos, we think bride and groom dance party pics should be a thing. Actually, why not party the whole day through as these two clearly did? The dancing, laughing, and smooching went from ceremony to the wee hours of their reception…and we’re almost 100% sure it hasn’t stopped since. [...]

Swanky Wedding Inspo at The Watch That Ends The Night

Retro, Rat Pack style meets sleek and modern in this smokin’ swanky wedding editorial featuring our Astrid & Mercedes Spark gown! Set in The Watch That End the Night, the kind of establishment that serves up fine mixed drinks, food, and conversation, it was inspired by Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Photographer Chantal Routhier put it this [...]

Millcroft Inn and Spa Wedding | Alison + Juan

Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” was Alison and Juan’s first dance song, but really it should just be their theme song.  There’s such a swanky, just-you-and-me, easygoing energy between them! Together, they planned a small wedding at The Millcroft Inn & Spa which began with the most important part—an outdoor ceremony before the [...]

Woodsy Wedding on Waseosa Lake | Robin + Richard

How’s this for romantic: Richard surprised Robin with a beautiful proposal on the dock of his family’s cottage on Waseosa Lake, and then they proceeded to get married at the very same spot! With the lake gleaming behind them, Robin and Richard exchanged vows in a ceremony during which Robin’s brother recited a reading he [...]

Rustic Wedding with an Apple Orchard Ceremony + | Hayley + Daniel

New honeymoon rule: bookend your wedding with vacations! Hayley and Daniel pre-honeymooned in South Africa earlier this year then road-tripped to Ottawa after the wedding, visiting as many breweries as they could along the way. Also, extra important—there were elephants involved in their engagement.  You see, Hayley is a part-time zookeeper, and Daniel organized a [...]

Alberta Wedding with Epic Mountain Views | Desiree + Tyson

Love is a breathtaking thing—it inspires grand gestures, sparks electrifying feels, turns moments into unforgettable memories. So, getting married somewhere just as spectacular makes perfect sense, especially when you love the outdoors as Desiree and Tyson do! With the mountains rising behind them to create an epic view, Desiree and Tyson exchanged vows in Rundleview [...]

Chic Wedding with a Touch of Hello Kitty! | Cristina + Relsan

Hello Kitty and Guns N' Roses were an important part of Cristina and Relsan’s wedding day! Cristina is a huge Hello Kitty fan, and her sweet groom proposed with a ring featuring her favorite character.  Meanwhile, Cristina’s wedding day look—sleek, timeless, and a touch of old world Hollywood—was far from Sanrio’s (the creator of Hello [...]

Free Spirited Edmonton Wedding | Brieze + Brayden

Waxing poetic over Brieze and Brayden's lovely wedding in Edmonton at the Royal Glenora Club is a walk in the park. There's the crazy love between the two, Brieze's elegant-yet-boho style (a combo of our Marion crop top, a flowy skirt, and long, flowing locks), the sparkling venue, the macaron tower in place of a [...]

Wedding at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort | Kylie + Lenny

Heart. That's what Kylie and Lenny's wedding at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort has got. It also has gorgeous, wintry style and a venue whose natural beauty is insane. But, as you'll see, what brings their celebration to life is the zest, humor, and love these two share. Our sensational bride was drawn to her Lovely [...]