Pennsylvania Horse Farm Wedding | Julia + David

Getting married on a horse farm sounds divine. When that horse farm is your family home, it’s extra marvelous. For Julia and David, the choice to marry at her home was an easy one. “My parents have a small horse farm in Worcester, PA and I had always imagined getting married there, so it was […]

Toronto Farm-To-Table Wedding | Jennifer + Leo

The connection Jennifer and Leo share runs as deep as the one with their farm-to-table wedding. These two were married on Jennifer’s parents’ farm. Shares Jennifer, “We planned it to be like a farm-to-table dinner party with a band with a horn section. We tried to keep it simple with an exceptional chef using seasonal […]

Ohio Wedding at a Private Home | Caroline + Caleb

Ever fancied tying the knot in the very place where your childhood memories reside? Caroline and Caleb’s wedding is for you! Their nuptial celebration was not just another sun-kissed, chic affair in a dreamy garden. It was a heartwarming celebration set in the backdrop of Caroline’s childhood home. Every corner of that breathtaking outdoor ceremony […]

Home Wedding on Sea Island | Martha Stewart + Dallis

Swing dancing (we’re talking flips and everything), fresh seafood, grits, and so much fun went down on Martha Stewart and Dallis’s wedding day! These two high school sweethearts wanted to include as many friends and family as possible, and Martha Stewart has vacationed on Sea Island since she was a girl. So, it made perfect [...]

Lovely Home Wedding in Batavia, NY | Eilidh + Jack

Eilidh and Jack may have met in college, but Jack has her betta fish to thank for a reason to visit her regularly! After their initial meeting (which they both remember as totally different moments), Jack became very committed to feeding Eilidh’s finned friend every day…and things went swimmingly from there! After their sweet engagement [...]

Socially-Distant Farm Wedding | Kyra + Aaron

Planning a wedding only to have it derailed by a pandemic is, to say the least, a disappointment. However, for many planning couples, the decision to move forward while social distancing seems just right, and in doing so, the event evolves into something special, rare and bright. But how do you even make the decision [...]

Elegant Alabama Wedding at Home | Betsy + Sam

Dolls, there are a couple things you must know about Betsy and Sam’s wedding before you dive into their dreamy, heartfelt day. One, it was held at Betsy’s parents' home in Alabama. Everything was supposed to be outside, but then, BOOM! Rain. The ceremony moved to the bottom of the stairs and the reception into [...]

Private Home Wedding in Chapel Hill | Amanda + Ben

When we think of getting married in a private home, the movie Father of the Bride leaps to mind. Sweet, beautiful, sentimental…so many emotions! It also brings to mind an awesome planner, because every home wedding needs a coordinator like Franck Eggelhoffer (played by Martin Short) to provide laughs, stunning design, and keep things running [...]

Verdant, Dreamy Wedding at a Family Home | Jane + Jed

Lush, green trees presided over Jane and Jed's ceremony, which took place within a pretty glade at Jane's family home in Connecticut. Filled with sylvan, summery beauty, these two managed to host a celebration that had the welcoming vibe of a garden get-together with the elegance of a ballroom affair. Trees lifted the tent's roof [...]