Lea-Ann Belter Midnight Garden Collection | Part 2

Ready for more dreamy Midnight Garden dresses? Please meet Lexie, Penelope, Serena, and Teegan! Lexie’s the wow-worthy girl composed of rose organza jacquard, so not only does she look amazing (hello, soft color and texture! She comes in blue and off-white, too), but she's easy-breezy to wear. Not to mention that back bow is to [...]

Lea-Ann Belter Bridal Midnight Garden Collection I Part I

Dreamy details, sculpting seams, and moonlight-elegant silhouettes populate our new Spring 2021 Midnight Garden collection. Though you’ve been acquainted, a formal introduction to our new stunners is definitely in order! Up first, meet Ezra—she’s the one with the tendril-ish off-the-shoulder sleeves, hand-placed applique, and a sensationally sexy silhouette. Next, Ember’s plunging neckline and fluted skirt [...]

Lea-Ann Belter Midnight Garden Fall 2020 Preview II

“Enchanté” from the gowns of our new 2021 Midnight Garden collection! Today, we’re introducing you to more bewitching beauties (peep our first preview post, if you missed it). These ladies capture the layered, nuanced loveliness of gardens in bloom under the stars—hints of dusky color (we’re talking to you, Lexie), delicate laces and tulle, soft [...]

Lea-Ann Belter Midnight Garden Fall 2020 Preview

There’s a sort of magic that unfurls in gardens at the still, starry stroke of midnight. Foliage, flowers, and pathways take on new dimensions, etched by soft moonlight. The scents, the sights, the velvet night—they intoxicate and amplify the brightness of the new day mere hours away. Inspired by the moment the clock strikes 12 [...]