Winter Wedding at Whistle Bear Golf Club | Camille + Andrew

One look at Camille and Andrew’s Whistle Bear Golf Club wedding and you might think a winter wedding was in the cards all along. The mix of golden light and snow is divine, and the décor and the couple’s style (Camille’s Lyra gown and leather jacket!!) is so on point. But like so many couples, Camille […]

Dallas wedding at The Olana | Leah + Nathan

When Nathan and Leah planned their winter wedding in Dallas at The Olana, their biggest uncertainty was the pandemic. But then, three days before their wedding, Mother Nature stepped in and delivered a crazy snow and ice storm. You know, the one that caused all the power outages and pretty much shut everything down in [...]

Intimate Halloween Wedding (with Costumes!) | Samantha + Matt

A Halloween wedding that goes all in? Yes, please! Sam and Matt grew up in Guelph, and while they traveled in the same circles, they never met until they hit 26. And then it was on like Donkey Kong! Sam, a woman who loves Halloween and knows her mind, was the one to pop the [...]

Cleveland Wedding at a Private Farm | Julia + Alejandro

A black-tie, outdoor wedding at a farm? Yes, please! Though Julia and Alejandro’s wedding day didn’t unfurl as they had originally envisioned (something all our brides have in common in these wild times!), it was arguably even more romantic, chic, and amazing than they’d ever dreamed. Following a traditional ceremony at Cleveland’s Cathedral of St. [...]

Intimate Vineyard Wedding | Jennifer + Eric

The moment Jennifer and Eric met, there was no question in Jennifer’s mind she’d met her match. “I knew it from the moment our eyes met, there was something remarkable that I could never explain and still can’t 7 years later.” These two planned a romantic, candlelight-filled, cocktail-style vineyard wedding (with fire dancers!!) that featured [...]

Fall Backyard Wedding in Toronto | Alanna + Christopher

The third time was the charm for Alanna and Christopher! After crossing paths two previous times, there was serious chemistry the third time (which, for the record, was at an emo-themed party—ha!). From that moment on, Alanna and Christopher were a duo. Fast forward a couple of years, Christopher asked Alanna for her hand, and, [...]

Elopement in Canyonlands National Park, Utah | Steph + Hank

On their first official date, Steph and Hank went roller skating, which was something she hadn’t done for at least 15 years. It was the…Best. Time. Ever. From that moment on, roller skating was a regular thing that became extra special when Hank proposed on one of their roller skating dates (pic below, and more [...]

Philadelphia Wedding at Ellis Preserve | Annie + Brendan

There’s sunshine in every nook and cranny of Annie and Brendan’s Philadelphia wedding, and not just because the day was a beauty! It could have been overcast and still their beaming faces would have brightened every moment. These two got engaged in 2018 and planned to marry the summer of 2020…but then covid. So, they [...]

Saratoga Wedding with a Southern Twist | Emily + Chris

After Emily and Chris chose to postpone their September 2020 wedding, waiting a year wasn't easy. But, for them, it was worth it! Shares Emily, "We ended up having the traditional wedding (and party!) that we dreamed of." Their decision to postpone hinged entirely on family—Emily and Chris are super close with their families, and [...]

Ontario Wedding at Nestleton Waters Inn | Victoria + Mike

A chance meeting brought Victoria and Mike together—both are first responders and ran into one another while at a Toronto hospital one day. Mike worked up the courage to talk to Victoria, then asked her out that night. A few days later they went to dinner and sparks flew! In time, their relationship evolved into [...]

Classic Spring Wedding at The Shoreby Club | Liesel + Harmin

Outside of mitigating the spread of COVID-19, there IS a silver lining to hosting an intimate ceremony and postponing a wedding celebration—you get to wear your gown and celebrate twice! Earlier this week, we shared Liesel and Harmin's charming winter ceremony and dinner reception. Fast forward to May 2021 when these two threw a stunning, [...]

Intimate Winter Wedding at Old Stone Church | Liesel + Harmin

Winter weddings, especially those around the holidays, have a special glow. The snow, twinkle lights, winter greenery, and candlelight all conspire to create a once-a-year kind of magic. Add to that all the love wrapping around a couple committing to one another and it’s headier than any mulled wine or hot toddy! Liesel and Harmin [...]

Summer Camp Wedding Celebration | Miriam + Chris

Back in 2020 (doesn't that feel like ages ago?!), every engaged couple recalibrated their plans. Some postponed altogether, while others chose to go the small-but-safe route with the intention of hosting a larger celebration later. Miriam and Chris went with option number two, which, among other joys, meant another chance for Miriam to wear her [...]

Neighborhood Wedding at Sottocasa Harlem | Sara + Derek

It’s true the pandemic made things hard, but it also brought about some really special, beautiful things. Take, for instance, Sara and Derek’s neighborhood wedding in Harlem. These two live in NYC and chose to postpone their 2020 wedding until 2021. At the beginning of this year, Sarah and Derek moved into their new place, [...]

Banff National Park Wedding Portraits | Michelangela + Nick

Buckle your seatbelts because these wedding portraits at Banff National Park are a beautiful rollercoaster! You may remember that Michelangela and Nick’s intimate wedding at Waterton National Park wound up getting rained out (but not before they tied the knot!). As a result, their we-just-got-married pictures were postponed for another day at Banff. On the [...]

Windswept Wedding at Waterton Lakes | Michelangela + Nick

Sometimes, when it rains, it pours, so why not dance in it with your partner and best friend? That’s how Michelangela and Nick reacted to the series of events thrown their way. Initially, they’d planned to get married at The Dean House in Calgary, but then canceled due to the onset of the pandemic. Next, [...]

Boston Wedding Portraits in the Seaport District | Kathleen + Brian

As everyone on earth knows, the last two years have been challenging and just generally bonkers. For those planning to wed, there have been choppy seas indeed! As a result, everyone has had to adjust their sails. Kathleen and Brian got engaged on November 19 and began planning a big Boston wedding. After Kathleen found [...]

Lovely Carolina Yacht Club Wedding | Olivia + Drew

Have you ever seen pictures of a moment and wanted to step into the scene? That’s exactly how we felt perusing the images of Olivia and Drew’s small wedding at the Carolina Yacht Club. These two wed in a sweet little chapel with its doors thrown open and sunlight pouring in from tall windows. This [...]

Marriott Marquis Houston Wedding | Laura + Marshall Part II

Remember sweet Laura and Marshall? Like so many couples, they chose to postpone their wedding reception in favor of a small, COVID-safe ceremony. So, they tied the knot last May in a lovely, intimate ceremony and celebrated with a surprise first dance (planned by Laura!) in their driveway. Fast forward to September and it was [...]

Chic Wedding at Gibbes Museum of Art | Grace + Spencer

Married in Charleston, South Carolina, at the Gibbes Museum of Art, Grace and Spencer met through friends…kind of. Explains Grace, “We met on Bumble but always told most people we met through friends (not a lie, we’re both born and raised in Charleston, SC and know a ton of the same people). Sassy (my dad) [...]

Intimate Houston Wedding Ceremony | Laura and Marshall

Having a pandemic crash your wedding plans is not ideal. Some couples completely postponed while others carried on, but some couple combined the two, which is exactly what Lauren and Marshall did. These two chose to marry in May 2020 at Houston’s St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church and then host a reception the following [...]

Modern Wedding at Spencer’s at the Waterfront | Dina + Andrew

2020 will forever be the year that nothing went as imagined, especially with weddings. And yet, the pandemic craziness didn’t take away from the beauty, love, and wonder of couples committing to one another for life. Dina and Andrew didn’t exactly envision making tough decisions and paring down their guest list, or reconfiguring their day [...]

Backyard Nashville Wedding | Ashley + Martin

Ashley and Martin were dating other people when they met, then they became friends and even went on double dates together. Later, when they were no longer with their previous partners, Ashley always swiped left when she encountered Martin on dating apps. She didn't want to give Martin the wrong impression! (Does this sound like [...]

Timeless Wedding at Berry Hill Resort | Julia + Phillip

Remember a little while ago we shared Julia's gorgeous bridal portraits? Today we're serving you her wedding at Berry Bridge Resort! When Julia and her sweetie, Phillip, met while attending the wedding of mutual friends, little did they know they'd end up also saying "I do"! In time, these two healthcare workers got engaged (during [...]

Riding Mountain National Park Wedding | Shannon + Steven

Throughout 2020, couples everywhere navigated the pandemic as it pertained to their weddings. For Shannon and Steven, their journey was particularly challenging—both are healthcare professionals, and for them, the planning and day brought them some much-needed happiness. Explains sweet Shannon, "We were surrounded by love and support from the moment we decided to forge ahead [...]

Gorgeous Greensboro Wedding | Jordan + Derek

When Jordan and Derek queued up at the library printer to pick up the syllabus for the same grad school class, sparks flew! Six years after their meet cute, they got engaged and began planning a Greensboro wedding. As any couple who hoped to marry in 2020 knows, the day envisioned required no small amount [...]

Toronto Wedding at the Ritz-Carlton | Sharon + Kingsley

The internet Is the best matchmaker around. Don’t believe us? Ask Sharon and Kingsley, who went to the same university and had loads of mutual friends…and should have met in person. Ten years later, the internet brought them together. Then, these two got engaged after running a half-marathon! When in search of her gown, Sharon [...]

Gravenhurst Cottage Wedding | Aleisha + Michael

A destination wedding in Mexico was 100% the plan for our sweet bride Aleisha and her groom, Michael. It was the place where they’d first gone on vacation together, and it held a lot of meaning. When the world got turned upside down, they decided not to postpone their November wedding, but to revise—instead of [...]

Classic, Intimate Toronto Wedding | Ivony + Philip

Church is a big part of Ivony and Philip’s lives—these two met and have spent a lot of time together at their church in Toronto. So, when they went on a trip to Rome with Ivony’s family and Philip insisted on revisiting Chiesa Nuova, an ancient church in Rome important to both of them, she [...]

Fall Wedding at the Adelphi Hotel | Danielle + John

Danielle and John dated for eleven years and were engaged for two, then the pandemic hit and their spring wedding was put on hold. But In their hearts of hearts, they wanted to get married and have a celebration, whether that meant just the two of them or a small group. So, they chose October [...]