Franklin Plaza Ballroom Wedding | Michaela + Jonathan

“There are few things in my life I’ve never second-guessed, and Michaela is one of them.” Jon’s answer to how he knew Michaela was his person gave us weak knees! As for Michaela, she knew Jon was her match the moment they met. That night, they were out with mutual friends, and, says Michaela, “At […]

Warm-Hearted Davedi Club Wedding | Erika + Frank

After learning about how Frank proposed to Erika, we’ll never look at a cup of tea the same way again! Explains our sweet bride, “I love tea. One evening after we went out to dinner, Frank made me a cup of tea. We were just watching TV, and as I finished my tea I noticed [...]

October Wedding at Takk House | Daniella + Samson

What's refined, retro, and brimming with romance? Daniella and Samson's October wedding! These two married and celebrated in Troy, NY at the Takk House, a cool old building that formerly housed the Knights of Columbus. As you can imagine, the space has loads of character…to which Daniella and Samson brought their own brand of fabulous [...]

Swanky, Tropical Gladstone Hotel Wedding Editorial

Quirky, creative, and effortlessly cool, the Gladstone Hotel is an art-inspired, eco-friendly boutique hotel here in Toronto. More than just a place for weary travelers, the Gladstone’s art exhibits, literary events, live music, and cafe make it a dynamic, fun place to meet and be! Which made it the perfect spot to stage a wedding [...]

Elegant Ohio Wedding | Hillary + Christopher

There is so much about Hillary and Chris’s wedding to love. Classic! Vintage in a can’t-tell-what -era-this-took-place-Edwardian-or-now way! Sweepingly romantic! The choir in which Hillary sings performed at her ceremony! But, dolls, it’s Hillary’s advice to other brides planning their weddings that takes the proverbial cake: “…Pick the priorities that are most important to you [...]

Old + New Wedding Inspiration at Campbell House Museum

What’s lovely, rich, romantic, modern, and timeless all at once? This shoot at Toronto's Campbell House Museum! If you haven’t been, the Campbell House was built in 1822, and its historic Georgian interior has been lovingly maintained. Gorgeous fixtures, elegant finishes, wood floors, sweeping staircases, and historic color—it’s all there. To that, photographer Rosewood Weddings [...]

Greenhouse Wedding Inspiration | Tabatha + Simone Bridal Gowns

You know that blissful feeling you get when you walk into a greenhouse or nursery? The blend of utility and natural beauty is as intoxicating as the scent of thriving plants, and it’s the jump-off for this shoot’s Grey-Gardens-in-a-good-way vibe. The scene is set by Blockhouse, a quirky venue behind an actual nursery and whose [...]

Love-Letter Inspired Wedding | Jamie + Andrew

Jamie and Andrew’s long-distance relationship began with an ultra-romantic meeting thanks to a high school friend. From that moment on, they nurtured their spark into a full-blown love via love letters. Jamie told us that, “…because we spent such a large amount of it waiting to hear from each other and dreaming of our next [...]

Old Hollywood Glam Toronto Wedding | Angie + Matt

Angie loves the vibe of the ‘20s and ‘30s. Matt adores movies. Put that together and you’ve got a gorgeous, glam wedding! These two chose THE perfect venue for the beginning of their Mrs. and Mr. in the Eglinton Grand, an historic, Art Deco movie theatre. When Angie visited our Toronto bridal boutique, she was [...]

Downton Abbey Wedding Editorial

Edwardian elegance and glamour mix with modern sensibility in this editorial captured by Darling Today. Believe it or not, it wasn’t shot at some gorgeous, aristocratic family’s estate in England. All the spectacular scenery can be found in North Carolina at The Hall & Gardens at Landmark.  Everything—including the delicate floral china, timeless invitations, greenery, [...]