Timeless Baton Rouge Wedding | Jessica + Luke

When a bride chooses an Astrid & Mercedes wedding dress to wear down the aisle, we are thrilled. What an honor! But when that bride also happens to work in a bridal boutique, there’s a little more glitter in our celebration. Because when you work in a bridal salon and play dress-up in wedding gowns on the regular (which is most definitely a thing), choosing The Dress is even harder. True story!

As a stylist in a bridal boutique, you know things like construction and fabric quality and design. Also, you see wedding dresses All. The. Time. Imagine you worked in a bakery and got to eat cake every day? Even if it’s the most delicious cake in the world, after awhile you might find yourself thinking, “Cake? Meh.’

So, when our lovely Jessica, who has helped many a bride-to-be find her frock at Bustle in Baton Rouge, chose Luminous as her gown, we could not wait to see pictures of her wedding day.

What a beautiful, happy bride! From her divine chignon to her sparkly shoes, Jessica was…luminous. And, we just have to point out, that unbelievably gorgeous ring? It’s her grandmother’s. Very best wishes, Jessica and Luke!

wedding dress: Luminous via Bustle | photographer: Pearl Walker Photography | scroll down for full vendor list


wedding dress: Luminous via Bustle | photographer: Pearl Walker Photography | venue: Oak Lodge Reception and Conference Center | coordinator: Elette Randolph | hair: Lauren Cox Fedrick | makeup: Brittany Devall | florist: Rickey Heroman’s | wedding cake: Heather Augustus

Timeless Baton Rouge Wedding | Jessica + Luke
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