Two Sisters, One Gorgeous Thank You

When thinking of a Christmas gift for their mom, Erin and Mandy had the best idea ever: a sister photo shoot with the two of them in their wedding gowns, both of which happen to be Lea-Ann Belters from Wedding Wonderland!

Such an extraordinary gift became even more meaningful when their mom suffered a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage on Halloween. Miraculously, she survived!
Shares Erin, “She cried when we showed it to her. It was so special and we will always remember that moment. The good news is she is back to normal!”

As for any of you sisters out there wondering what to give your parents, Erin encourages everyone to consider a post-wedding gown photo shoot. “It’s so fun putting your dress back on especially with your sister! We had so much fun running around and basically playing in our dresses.”

Mandy’s wedding dress (left): custom LABB, Erin’s gown: Eloise | photographer: JoPhoto

Two Sisters, One Gorgeous Thank You
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