Lockdown Lowdown | Wedding Belles New Orleans

Entering Wedding Belles New Orleans is like walking into a gorgeous glass jewel box—everything within is lovely and enchanting! Not to mention the natural light spills in like honey from all sides, which is utter magic for trying on wedding gowns. Speaking of which, Wedding Belles is wall to wall with unique-to-New-Orleans dresses handpicked for their elegant, tasteful brides.

While Wedding Belles is temporarily closed to help flatten the curve and owner Amy is proud to help keep their community safe, being away from her brides and wonderful team isn’t easy!


What do you miss most about being in the shop day to day?


“The energy of a busy Saturday. I also love the personal connection we make with the bride and her people that continue long after the wedding. I love it when my former clients bring their friends and family members back to shop with us, but also when they stop by to introduce us to their babies. So I am missing that face-to-face interaction! But seeing them in Insta is helping!”

The women of Wedding Belles from left to right: Daniela-bridal stylist, Morgan-boutique manager, owner Amy, and Sophia-Director of Marketing + Events

What are you doing with your time away from the shop?


“So.Much.Baking! We’ve made sea salt chocolate chip cookies and cowboys cookies on repeat; English muffins, pretzel bagels, banana bread, cinnamon bread, and pizza. We also made homemade pasta—which is not baking, but lord is it a process!”

(side note—we wish Zoom had a taste feature because all that sounds amazing and the English muffins look delish!)

What is this making you value most?

“My health and the health of my family.”

What are you watching on Netflix?


“Not a thing! No one agrees on anything in my household. So we’ve been playing lots of cards. Also, the weather has been great, so we’ve been spending as much time outside as possible.”


What are your fave Lea-Ann Belter and Astrid & Mercedes gowns?


“Raquel or Lourdes from Lea-Ann Belter and Heavenly from A&M!”



If you are a bride-to-be near New Orleans, you can start planning your visit now! Makle an appointment here.

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