Lockdown Lowdown | Annalise Bridal

A modern bridal boutique with a heart of gold, Annalise offers Richmond brides a marvelous shopping experience within a stunning space. Owner Lindsey and her superstar team (shout out to Hannah, Katlyn, Emily, Katie, and Jax!) know every bride is unique. To that end, they’ve filled Annalise with gorgeous gowns curated for their style-diverse brides. In addition to having lots of gowns from which to choose, Annalise brides can pre-shop the collection on Annalise’s site and benefit from luxurious two-hour appointments. Girls, you have all the time in the world to try the dresses you fancy most at Annalise!

While Annalise has temporarily closed its doors, they’re still supporting their brides and making sure Annalise is ready when the time comes to open them up!


What are you doing with your time away from the shop?


“As of right now, we’re fortunate enough to not be completely away from our shop. We still get to receive packages & check off daily tasks. Since we’re unable to be open to the public, though, we’re taking that extra time to help brides virtually and offer comfort to those who need it most.”

What is this time making us value most?


“Gosh. So many things, but one that really resonates with all of us is the focus on being meaningful & mindful. We want our brides’ experience to be meaningful and our impact on their bridal (and life’s) journey to matter.

We understand the value of human connection because we get to see the beauty of it from each of our brides every day. It seems like this time at home is making everyone value that personal connection a bit more, too!”


What is your personal favorite Lea-Ann Belter gown & why?


“This was a tough one to get the whole team on board for (we all have such different styles), but our current fav is ‘Raquel.’ Its 3D lace is modern, but gives a clean and classic look that’s hard to pass up!”



You can start planning your visit to Annalise now! Call 804-649-3000, and while you’re waiting for the day to arrive, peruse their Insta: @annalisebridal