Joy Gown

I am not a standard size; can you accommodate split or plus sizing?
With all Lea-Ann Belter dresses we can offer split and or plus sizing on almost all styles. Astrid & Mercedes gowns are only available in standard sizes ranging from 2-20. The shop that you place your order through will walk you through the best sizing option for you. Please note that split size and plus size gowns ensure a better fit upon delivery but you will still require tailoring to perfect the fit of your gown.

I like one of your styles but I would like to customize it, is that possible?
Lea-Ann Belter gowns are available with tons of customizations! If you would like to change the skirt shape, add straps, add or remove sleeves, or have your dress made in a different color we are open to it. You will need to work with the shop that you are placing your order through to get final approval for all customizations

Where are your dresses made?
All of our gowns from both the Lea-Ann Belter and Astrid & Mercedes lines are made with love and the greatest attention to detail and quality in our Toronto studio.

There are no Lea-Ann Belter vendors in my area. Is there another way for me to try on dresses?
Please contact us we may be able to arrange a dress loan.

How far in advance should I place my order?
This will ultimately be determined by the shop through which you place your order. Our standard production time is 16-18 weeks but your shop will allow time for delivery, receiving, and tailoring. Generally, you should place your order 9 months before your wedding.

If my dress is being made especially for me, why will I need alterations?
All of our dresses are made one at a time by hand, however, because we are making them to general measurements and not on your body, you will require alterations to make sure your dress fits like a glove!

I don’t have 9 months before my wedding, is there a way for me to still get one of your gowns?
We are able to accommodate most rushes with Lea-Ann Belter and Astrid& Mercedes gowns. It just depends on our production schedule. You will need to contact the shop you are ordering your dress through for specifics and final rush approval.

What is a trunk-show?
Each of our retailers carries an edited selection of our collection. During trunk-shows we send a larger selection (if not all) of our newest collection, meaning that you will see more of our styles during a trunk-show than you would during a non-trunk-show visit. Some retailers offer special events and promotions too, making them lots of fun to attend.

Do I need an appointment to visit the flagship store in Toronto?
Yes, we work primarily by appointment so we can give you all of the attention and space necessary to select your dress. Please contact us for availability!