Beauty comes in all forms and styles. Lea-Ann celebrates this truth by designing wedding dresses to complement every body type and personality. Available in all sizes and completely customizable, each Lea-Ann Belter Bridal gown is individually crafted of the finest silks and laces in our Toronto bridal atelier. Made to enhance your natural radiance, these gowns are a joy to wear, enabling you to swirl, twirl, and dance with abandon throughout your wedding day.

Wandering Star

Lighthearted and joyful, the Wandering Star collection was inspired by journeys, be it across the world or down the aisle. Filled with soft, organic draping, details that make you look twice, as well as stunning printed organzas and brocades, these dresses are made for reveling in the moment.

Aurora Borealis

As electrically charged particles collide, the Northern Lights shimmer to life. A natural phenomenon like love, their spectacular grace inspired the Aurora Borealis collection, whose gowns convey ethereal beauty through divine elements like slits, sleek silhouettes, daring necklines, and luxe textiles.


Twirling dancers on a shimmering stage in an elegant European city—a magical  evening in Amsterdam viewing the Dutch National Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty inspired the Spellbound collection. Vibrant with texture, movement, and sumptuous textiles, these wedding gowns embody timeless grace.

Summer in Provence

Extraordinary laces, fine silks, thoughtful details, and timeless silhouettes mingle within the Summer in Provence collection. Inspired by Lea-Ann’s holiday in the South of France, these gowns and separates convey the effortless romance of lavender-filled, sun-drenched days abroad.


Eyes meet, hearts stop. A slow, delicious, utterly knee-weakening revelation. Sparked by the wondrous, electrifying moment that signals love has arrived, the Lovestruck collection is abundant in textiles, details and unforgettable silhouettes.


A gathering of wedding gowns from previous seasons, the gowns in this collection are those most beloved by Lea-Ann and her brides. Filled with a variety of silhouettes, our trademark couture details, fine silks, and European laces, these timeless wedding dresses are true classics.