Romantic, Rainy Day Wedding | Alexis + Chase

Sometimes something totally unplanned for happens and the result is magic. This holds true for so many things (including meeting your sweetie), but especially a wedding day.

Alexis and Chase may have planned for a sunny outdoor ceremony and reception, but they got a stormy deluge instead…and it was perfect.

From Alexis:

“We loved everything about our wedding day! It was at a beautiful venue called Castleton Farms in Knoxville, TN. My husband and I really love the outdoors so we wanted both the ceremony and reception to be outside.

The whole day before the ceremony the weather was great. We did a first look and had a special moment of just the two of us before the guests arrived which was our favorite part of the whole day. There’s nothing like walking up to the man you are about to marry and him turning around to see his bride. We both started crying because it was the sweetest most surreal moment and really helped us be more at ease for the ceremony.

A couple hours later at the start of the ceremony we saw a huge storm cloud coming near us, but we decided to just go for it! As soon as the pastor started speaking it began to downpour! This sounds like a nightmare for most brides and is always the major stress of an outdoor wedding, but we loved it!! It made the most romantic ceremony and it was very intimate when we got to read the vows we wrote because they turned the sound off for the rain and everything was shared only between us!

While everything for the reception was soaking wet, all 350 of us ran to seek shelter under a huge pavilion and we brought the band, food, and bar up with us and just had a huge dance party. It was so unstructured and unplanned but it is something everyone will remember and it was the most fun I have ever had!

We loved our wedding day because it taught us that despite all the time and preparation that goes into having the ideal wedding with all the perfect props, flowers, and aesthetic pieces, it is not at all what matters. We saw that people were there to celebrate us and stayed through the rain and it was such a fun day and night with everyone we loved. We wouldn’t change it for anything!”

wedding dress:  Lea-Ann Belter Ophelia via Wedding Wonderland | photographer: The Image is Found | scroll down for full vendor list

Though she’d pictured her wedding dress fluttering in a summery, sunshiny breeze, Alexis’s dress was just as gorgeous in a downpour. Her choice, like Chase and their unforgettable rainy wedding day, was meant to be!

From Alexis:

“I had no idea what kind of dress I was wanting as I began my search. I have a very simple style and knew I wanted something that would match the simple style I had. One thing is that I knew I wanted lace on the dress somewhere. The first dress I tried on was at Wedding Wonderland in Knoxville, TN. It was a full body lace dress with a sheer top. It looked amazing, but I kept looking to see my options. I tried on one with a chiffon bottom that had a train and loved that too. I was still stuck on the pattern of the lace on the first dress and the simple chiffon bottom of another dress. I knew that I wanted an exact mix of the two dresses so the women at Wedding Wonderland encouraged me to do a custom made dress of two of the Lea-Ann Belter dresses I liked. The custom dress was beautiful and it was so fun to wear on the wedding day! I loved the unique design of the dress and how the two dresses blended together to put together my dream dress!”

Alexis + Chase’s Rainy Day Wedding Vendors

wedding dress:   Lea-Ann Belter Ophelia via Wedding Wonderland | photographer: The Image is Found | venue – Castleton Farms | band: The Downtown Band | florals:  Samuel Franklin