Ontario Wedding at the Isabel Bader Centre | Bryn + Harrison

A bridal gown is such a beautiful, personal representation of the woman wearing it. That aspect is one of the things that we love most about creating wedding dresses! Especially at our flagship Toronto bridal boutique, where the process of finding the dress sometimes involves special details and customization. So, when Bryn visited our boutique, […]

Winter Wedding at the New Haven Lawn Club | Lauren + Dan

Gorgeous and glittering, Lauren and Dan’s wedding served up huge amounts of romance. Married at December’s end, these two stepped into their new beginning in twinkling holiday style! Draped in garlands of evergreens, their ceremony venue, Saint Catherine of Siena Church, created a magical “I do” scene in which Lauren and Dan shone. Especially our [...]

Classic Mobile, Alabama Wedding | Beryl + Jonathan

Azalea season in Mobile is popping, which is precisely why Beryl and Jonathan purposefully scheduled their Alabama wedding when they did. So, when you peruse their pics below and spy those gorgeous shots of Beryl and her wedding party beneath a canopy of newly green oaks and surrounded by beautiful bright azaleas, just know it [...]

Lea-Ann Belter Spring 2019 Aurora Borealis Bridal Collection

As electrically charged particles collide, the Northern Lights shimmer into life. Like love, it's a natural phenomenon. Two hearts meet and sparks fly, creating something uniquely and magically breathtaking. Inspired by the spectacular grace of polar lights, the gowns of our Spring 2019 Lea-Ann Belter Aurora Borealis collection convey out-of-this-world romance. Handcrafted in our Toronto [...]