Sweet Wedding at the Argonaut Rowing Club | Brittany + Rudy

Brittany and Rudy met at overnight summer camp as nine-year-olds (how adorable is that?!), and spent the next 20 summers together as campers and then as staff. But it wasn’t until they were in the camp’s leadership program together that they really connected. Brittany explained it this way: “Summer camp…encourages you to be the silliest [...]

New 2019 Astrid & Mercedes Serendipity Bridal Collection

Eyes meeting on the street. Reaching for the same book at the same time. Being in the same Uber Pool when you both never Uber. Those happy, magic-dusted, chance meetings inspired Serendipity, Lea-Ann’s 2019 Astrid & Mercedes collection.  Created by hand of fine fabrics in our Toronto atelier, each gown embraces the unexpected through delightful [...]