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Disaster struck three months into Maggie and Gray’s relationship, but it was during that challenging time for Maggie and her family that she realized Gray was her match. Shares Maggie, “In the aftermath of the natural disaster that destroyed my childhood home, I knew Gray Goodwin was the right person for me. The tornado hit my family and me when we were all there. I value my family above all else. The next day after the storm, Gray was there without asking. Let me remind you that we had been dating for 3 months. He simply walked up next to my father, who was cutting trees and trying to clear the massive trees without asking for help. He simply picked up a chainsaw and started helping my father. This kept on for hours. The only person I would want to spend my life with is someone who would love my dad as much as I did. This person would take care of my family in the hardest of times.”

That same natural disaster also made it impossible for Maggie to wed where she’d always imagined. “A tornado destroyed my childhood home in December 2019. As a child, I dreamt of getting married there. However, since my home had been destroyed, I was no longer able to do that. The places we traveled to, the places we scouted, and the places we toured never felt magical to us. Everything I saw just saddened me. After such a loss, we decided to have a fun, small wedding as a vacation instead. Having to make something whole that was lost was not something we wanted to worry about.”


wedding dress: Lea-Ann Belter Lola gown via Carriage House Weddings  Everything, from venue and flowers to food and photography, was provided by Casa de Campo⁠

It wasn’t until they were on a trip with Maggie’s mother, her sister, and Gray to the Dominican Republic that they found the perfect spot. “The moment I saw this place, I knew it was the place for my wedding. Casa De Campo was exquisite in every way. It ended up being the most magical day and vacation of our lives. Unbeatable. We made the best decision of our lives to be married in the Dominican Republic! On an island, we are surrounded by the people we care about most. In my entire life, I have never had so much fun. The love and endless well wishes we felt can never be replaced. Our wedding was all about the people we love, an awesome island, and a different take on what a wedding is supposed to be.”

While searching for her wedding gown, Maggie’s passion for fashion (as evidenced by her funny engagement story below) led her to the Carriage House in Birmingham, Alabama. “I knew I wanted to get my dress before I began law school in August so I could make it gorgeous for the big day.  My bridesmaids, aunts, grandmothers, and cousins were invited. Over many glasses of champagne, we decided which dress would be perfect. Everything was perfect. In the end, the dress I picked was never what I expected, and I love it to this day.”

Peruse all the gorgeous of Maggie and Gray’s wedding day below and get the scoop from our sweet bride, who honeymooned in Punta Cana at the Club Med!

How did you two get engaged?

“My mother and I were returning from Chattanooga about a month before. We discussed rings and how I could find one that was extremely different from the rest. I was then advised to buy an estate piece, which cannot be replicated. The perfect ring then appeared through Gray’s help with my mother and family friends. Several weeks later, Gray’s best friend Ivey brought the ring to us from New Orleans, where Gray had purchased it. Dec. 24, 2020 was the date of our engagement. I find it to be so precious—my mother and father were engaged on this date, and my grandfather and grandmother were engaged on this date as well. He wanted me to have a traditional date because he knew how much family meant to me.

I, however, wanted things done my way, in true Maggie fashion.

On that particular day, I was tired of waiting for him to ask me. My expectation was that it would take place on Thanksgiving. I had no idea. It was my sister’s recital that day, so I thought everything would be about her. I mean, my mom told me to get her nails done and she would pay for mine… Cmon Maggie! By the end of the night, I had even changed all my clothes out of frustration and sadness. My passion for fashion makes me a fashionista. It is very uncommon for me to do this except when I am going to bed.

My clothing consisted of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. I was so annoyed that my mother and sister told me to go outside and calm down. Whenever I went outside my childhood camp house, the fireplace was gorgeously lit with candles, and there were gorgeous wreaths lining the mantle. A light-up wine cooler speaker played light music. Of course, pink, my favorite. Champagne in each one.

Gray got down on one knee while my mother and sister watched from inside. Seeing me, my first thought was “Oh my god, my outfit.” He told me right away that I was the one. It didn’t take him long at all for me to scream yes and jump into his arms. The ticker is below. I then refused to let anyone take photos until I completely changed my outfit. My family, Gray’s little brother, and Ivey, Gray’s best friend, then arrived and we celebrated together. The experience was magical. Our lives are so blessed.”


What’s one detail you couldn’t live without?

“Crazy dancers at the wedding reception. This was such a fun way to keep people engaged. They played games, danced, and had dance lines for all my guests It was the best decision and made my photos 100x better!

Also, the all-white beach party. This was basically my rehearsal dinner, but I invited everyone. Everyone wore white and it was perfect. We had a sit-down dinner on the beach while the sun set. We had a saxophone player, and customized Cuban cigars rolled with an endless open bar. It was so much fun and so beautiful. That night everyone then hit the clubs and the photos are so perfect because we all match.”

What was the most important aspect for you in terms of planning your wedding?

“Location of the ceremony and reception. I wanted something that was naturally beautiful, but that could also be enhanced with minor flowers to make the beauty even more immaculate.”

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wedding dress: Lea-Ann Belter Lola gown via Carriage House Weddings  Everything, from venue and flowers to food and photography, was provided by Casa de Campo⁠.⁠

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