Pennsylvania Horse Farm Wedding | Julia + David

Getting married on a horse farm sounds divine. When that horse farm is your family home, it’s extra marvelous. For Julia and David, the choice to marry at her home was an easy one. “My parents have a small horse farm in Worcester, PA and I had always imagined getting married there, so it was an easy decision. David and I actually live on the property, so we literally got married at home which was so special! We’re so grateful that we had the space to have our wedding here and even though it was a lot of work getting everything organized and prepped, it was beautiful and so worth it.”

In addition to being their actual home, Julia and David worked in all kinds of personal details. Her grandparents made their wedding cake, her dad built the arch they were married under, they had cocktails named after their dog Sylvie, and Julia’s cousin played the piano as she walked down the aisle.

photographer: Du Soleil Photography | wedding dress: custom Lea-Ann Belter via Page Six…it’s Haute | planner: Kaci Wilwerth, Simple Soiree | scroll down for full vendor list


Julia’s search for her wedding dress began (and ended) at Page Six, where she created a custom gown. “I’m still so obsessed with my gown! I knew I wanted something simple and timeless but went into my first appointment without an exact image of neckline, sleeves, skirt, etc. because I wasn’t sure what would end up being most flattering. My first appointment was at Page Six in Skippack, PA and I ended up trying on so many gowns that I loved, but there were two that I was so torn between. I loved the top on the one and the skirt on the other…when the owner said she could have the designer (you guys!!!) piece together both elements, I was so sold. I couldn’t get the dress out of my head even when I went to another appointment at a different salon, so I knew it was the one. It ended up fitting like a glove and being even better than I hoped it would be. The veil totally completed the look with the beautiful lace detail, and I kept my shoes and accessories super simple. I’m so happy with how my look turned out!”

More about Julia and David’s day from our lovely bride below!


How did the two of you meet?


“I actually worked with David’s older sister, Brianna, at the gift store I worked at growing up! We also went to the same high school, but David is two years older than me and we definitely ran in different circles—he was very rebellious and I have always been very much a rule follower. So, we never actually spoke to each other or had a conversation, we’d only ever see each other briefly when David came into the store for Brianna’s help shopping for gifts! I always thought he was handsome but honestly didn’t think he really knew who I was, so it was a surprise to me when my mom called me to say, “You’re never going to guess who wants to ask you on a date!” Apparently, David had been asking Brianna to set us up, Bree brought it up to my mom when she was in the store to see if she thought it was a good idea…a couple days later, Bree texted me asking if it was ok to give him my number and we started talking from there! Our first date was to our local coffee shop, Ebru in Audubon, where we talked for like 3 hours—we got along so well, and the conversation was so easy. And I guess the rest is history!”

How did you know the other was “the one”? 


“This is definitely going to be a very practical answer (because I am typically quite practical). There wasn’t a specific moment where I was like “oh he is the one!”. It’s just always felt really easy with David! Which I know is what everyone always says it should be, but I think it’s something you don’t realize until you’re actually in a relationship where there’s no questioning whether the person is committed and really loves you. We also balance each other out so well. The areas I lack in he makes up for and vice versa which is so nice. I think he would say the same thing, but we’ve always been such a great team and knew that we could tackle anything together. It’s so special to have someone you know you can do life and grow old with!”


How did you two get engaged?


“I love our engagement story because it is so David and makes me laugh! We love Maine—my family has always vacationed there—and we were going up for a long weekend in May to stay in the ‘70s trailer my parents fixed up. It was a rainy day and David kept mentioning how we should go for a walk when we got there, and I kept arguing that the weather was awful, and we’d have to see when we got there. Turns out it was pouring when we got to the trailer, and I refused to go for a walk because I am so not an outdoors girl when the weather is bad. There’s a long hallway leading from the bedrooms and bathroom to the living room, and when I came out of the bathroom from putting my toiletries away, David was at the end of the hall looking suspicious. I walked over to him asking what he was doing, and he pulled out the ring and proposed! It was such an intimate moment in a place so special to us AND he surprised me! Now I love telling people when they ask that we got engaged in a trailer which usually gets a very confused response until I explain.”


Tell us about your day!


“For me, the whole getting ready process was so much fun! My bridesmaids slept over and we got ready in my parents’ home which made it so cozy and relaxing. Our hair and makeup artists were so nice, and we all just laughed and chatted and drank mimosas all morning. David’s sister, Bree, lives around the corner, so he was able to sleep in, play with our dog, and then go over to her house to get ready with his groomsmen (which were all his brothers-in-law and his nephew). So, we both got to get ready with our family and closest people which was amazing. 


I had almost decided against a first look because I love the drama of the groom seeing his bride for the first time when she walks down the aisle, but I have to say I’m so glad we had a first look. It was such an intimate little moment and helped calm any nerves and anticipation. It’s so nice looking back at photos and seeing how big our smiles were seeing each other for the first time that day. Plus, we all got to hang out together in the house and get all our photos done so we could enjoy the entire evening!  


One of my favorite elements of the ceremony is that we got married under an arch my dad built. He spent so much time on it, and it turned out so beautiful, so it was really a special touch to the day and moment. Along with that, my cousin, Jeffrey, played the piano as I walked down the aisle. It was another meaningful touch that I absolutely love! 

We hired our music man, Ryan Cook Music, to perform live for the ceremony and cocktail hour which I think really fit the whole vibe of the day! He was on guitar with another guy on the keys, and they played awesome music for people to listen to while they mingled, sipped their cocktails and munched on hors d’oeuvres. 


Our cake was actually baked and decorated by my grandparents (with some help from the catering team who added the florals)! I wanted something whimsical and colorful and they all did an amazing job—it was beautiful. And I think the vintage topper really added a fun touch, too! 


The rest of the night we all enjoyed the food (which was amazing!), drinks (our signature drink was named after our dog, Sylvie, and was delicious!), dancing along with an awesome photobooth and one of my favorites…a live fashion sketch artist! She was incredible and created the most beautiful artwork for guests to take home. 


It was such a lively day that everyone really enjoyed! Family and friends are still saying what a magical night it was.”


What was the funniest moment of your day? 


“The funniest moment of our day (for us at least) has to be when David tried to give me his ring during the ceremony when we were exchanging rings! We were both a little nervous in front of the crowd and he picked his own ring up instead of mine and tried to put it on my finger…I had to point out that mine was the one with diamonds. We were cracking up which definitely eased the nerves! It’s one of my favorite memories for sure.”


What part of your wedding day was/is most important to you?


“Simply celebrating our love & marriage! It’s so special to be able to celebrate something so big with each other and all your closest loved ones.  It’s so rare you get to have everyone you love together at the same time, in the same place, and it’s something we’re so grateful we were able to do.”


Where did you go on your honeymoon?


‘We went to Italy! We stayed in Florence and visited Rome. We had the coziest Airbnb in a quiet part of the city with a beautiful view. We left the day after our wedding, which was kind of a whirlwind but also romantic and exciting! The week was so peaceful and we had the nicest time exploring and eating gelato!”


Do you have any tips for couples getting married?


“Hire a planner or day-of coordinator! Especially if you are having an event somewhere that’s not an official venue. There were so many moving pieces and we would have been so stressed out if we didn’t hire Kaci. She was amazing and kept everything moving so smoothly. Now I tell everyone I know who’s getting married that they should hire someone!”


Julia + Brad’s Pennsylvania Wedding Vendors

wedding dress: custom Lea-Ann Belter via Page Six…it’s Haute | planner: Kaci Wilwerth, Simple Soiree | florals: Robertsons Flowers |  hair: Bardot Bridal Hair | makeup: NAVYRAE | caterer: Epicurean Delight Catering | photo booth: The Best Philly Photobooth  | beverage: Stirrups Mobile Bar  | entertainment: Ryan Cook Music | illustrations: Denise Fike | rentals: Bucks-Mont Party Rental 


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