Maui Wedding at Olowalu Plantation House | Hien + Eugene

How do you bridge the wedding travel gap between family in Australia and family in Canada? Um, Hawaii, of course! For Hien and Eugene (who are from CAN and AU, respectively), that decision was a no-brainer, because who wouldn’t want to wed and celebrate in paradise? From there, they chose the Olowalu Plantation House in […]

Georgetown Wedding at Dumbarton House | Adrienne + Matt

“Classic, elegant, cozy, and joyful.” How Adrienne describes her and Matt’s fall wedding sounds delightful, doesn’t it? These two met while they were in Washington, D.C.—Adrienne was a med student at Georgetown University and Matt had recently moved to Arlington, VA. They stuck together through Adrienne’s rotations in Philadelphia and Chicago, with Matt 100% behind [...]

Wedding Weekend at Northridge Inn | Alex + James

Fun fact—Alex and James met while playing flip cup. After a surprise engagement on Toronto Islands’ dock, this delightful duo incorporated their playful ways into a wedding weekend (that included flip cup, of course!) at the Northridge Inn. There was a BBQ and bonfire rehearsal dinner, and guests could avail themselves of the resort’s swimming, [...]

Rustic Backyard Wedding | Devon + Logan

All the antlers, sunflowers, and wildflowers you see in Devon and Logan’s wedding pictures aren’t only lovely, they have meaning, too. These two love hunting—Logan proposed when they were hunting elk in Idaho, and they actually hunted the boar that was served at their reception! In addition to being Devon’s favorite flower, the sunflowers also [...]

Destination Wedding in Dubrovnik | Sally + Aaron

It’s easy to picture the night Aaron and Sally met. A cool NYC bar with a cozy, rustic farm-to-table vibe. A happy crowd enjoying delicious cocktails. And then, somehow, in the swirl of the crowd and alchemy of the moment, two people meet and sparks fly. Later, these two were on vacation in Dubrovnik, Croatia, [...]

Intimate Brunch Wedding at Archeo | Heather + Justin

A brunch wedding. During Christmas Market. In Toronto’s Distillery District. To those three ah-mazing things, Heather and Justin brought a little Scottish and Chinese flavor, a little laid-back charm, and a lot of love. When searching for a venue, they wanted something simple and special…and fell in love with Archeo, a delicious Italian restaurant here [...]

Classic, Warm March Wedding | Alyssa + Max

The sun shone and joy flowed on Max and Alyssa’s March wedding day! With Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge as both their ceremony and wedding venue, the scene was romantic and elegant. Combined with the crazy love between this darling duo, it was the kind of celebration that warms your heart and takes your breath away. [...]

Virginia Beach Navy Wedding | Victoria + Ricardo

Not gonna lie...we adore a man in uniform. Also, seeing our gorgeous brides on their wedding day is our favorite thing, which makes Victoria and her new husband Ricardo’s wedding pictures doubly dreamy. Married on the beach by Victoria’s dad, who’s an Army staff sergeant, Victoria was radiant wearing her gown and Mackenzie jacket as [...]

Warm, Romantic Loft Wedding Editorial

Lofty, industrial spaces are so amazing for a wedding! That said, when it comes to atmosphere, they can be a bit tricky—those high ceilings and all that room are sometimes hard to fill with warmth, even when there's more than enough love and laughter. Staged at The Press Room, a historic loft-style building in Knoxville, [...]