Vermont Wedding at Lareau Farm | Charlotte + Garrett

It all started at the University of Vermont. Garrett asked Charlotte if she wanted to be on his broomball team, and a fast friendship bloomed. Team Friend didn’t last too long, though—a year and one ukulele serenade later, they started dating. After college, things got even more official. Instead of going to the same school […]

Modern Style Inspo for the Monday Bride | Editorial

Aptly called the “Monday Bride,” this editorial’s inspiration was the unexpected, pandemic detour so many couples have experienced. Says Emily Li, the shoot’s main photographer, “(not everyone was able) to have a normal wedding at a wedding venue the past two years and the years ahead. We’ve encountered so many amazing brides who had sweet [...]

2022 Astrid & Mercedes Wildflower Wedding Gown Editorial

Last week, we shared the freshest editorial shots of our new 2022 Lea-Ann Belter Bridal Songbird collection. Now, have a peek at the Astrid & Mercedes Wildflower gowns in action! These bridal dresses have a vibrant, sensual vibe that really comes to life in the studio's natural light. Plus, their textiles pop, too—peep Petal's bold [...]

Astrid & Mercedes 2022 Wedding Gowns | Part I

When the rain comes to the desert after a long dry spell, something magical happens. All the sleeping seeds which have lain waiting for their moment to shine blossom all at the same time. The resulting superbloom of color, texture, and beauty inspired our new Astrid & Mercedes 2022 wedding dress collection. Composed of a [...]