Glacier National Park Elopement | Abby + Sean

After meeting on Bumble, Abby and Sean’s love story took the scenic route—their official first date and second date were nearly a year apart! That time between dates was spent as a friendship, one that formed the foundation of their relationship and set that pivotal second date in motion. Several months later, at the top of Mt. Rainier, Sean proposed!

Abby’s been a wedding photographer for 12 years, and, as she puts it, “After being to 115 weddings I knew that I needed to have unique elements to our day, but we really just wanted to elope. So, getting married in the church was for our families but getting to have the honeymoon/elopement was the most fun and most important part of planning. We also had a reception the following September, and that’s a whole other situation—ha!”

wedding dress: custom Lea-Ann Belter gown and ceremony veil via Brides by the Falls, floral veil via Amberspice Bridal | elopement photographer: Janelle Elise Photography | full vendor list below

Our gorgeous bride has photographed many (many!) brides, so, as she shopped for just the right wedding gown, her professional experience came into play. “Honestly, I had a dress in mind but I’m a curvier girl and being a wedding photographer, my brides who are most comfortable in their dresses have the most fun. So, the detail I couldn’t live without was the fact that I was comfortable in the dress—I didn’t need to go on a diet, and it flattered me in all the right ways.

My gown was the last one I tried on, after going to four different shops. It was completely different from all the others with the options to put sleeves on and I felt like an absolute princess. My mom always says that she knows I’m in a dress I love when I unconsciously do a big twirl, and like how could you not twirl in this dress??”

Abby’s gown’s twirl-ability made their elopement even more magical than it already was…because of the weather. Explains Abby, “When we finally got to the top of the mountain, it looked perfect from inside the car. But as soon as we stepped out it was 30-mile-an-hour winds that my photographers and videographers were totally down for. We pretty much just scream-laughed for 20 minutes while taking pictures.

But then we got to end the day back at Lake McDonald where it had rained all day, so no one was around outside. We went down and recited our own vows to each other, and it was all that I wanted and more.”

We love asking our brides for any tips or advice for other women planning their weddings. From her years shooting weddings, Abby’s is kind of amazing and super insightful, so read on if you’re ready for some real talk:

“I like to mention this because it makes people kind of step back and think:

I can tell from the first meeting who will stay together and who will get divorced. I’m 5/5 so far, and the simple way of explaining it is there are people who are in it for the wedding and people who are in it for the marriage. Anyone just in it for the wedding usually doesn’t have their priorities straight in most aspects and it shows through looks, family interactions, how much they drink separately, and how much respect goes into the cake cut. Smashing cake in your partner’s face can be done with respect or aggression—very easy sign.”

Abby + Sean’s Glacier National Park Elopement

wedding dress: custom Lea-Ann Belter gown and ceremony veil via Brides by the Falls, floral veil via Amberspice Bridal | elopement photographer: Janelle Elise Photography | ⁠video: Carnation Films⁠ | hair + makeup: Craft Society Salon⁠ | elopement location: Glacier National Park


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