Bridal Session at The Duke Mansion | Kellum

Planning a classic bridal session and craving inspo? Kellum’s elegant pre-wedding shoot has timeless splashed all over it! Shot at The Duke Mansion in Charlotte, Kellum and photographer Demi Mabry made full use of the venue. The dreamy captures in the garden and the striking interior all show off lovely Kellum’s bridal style. At first [...]

Bridal Portraits | Carlee + Beasley!

Dogs are officially our favorite addition to bridal portraits. Shot at McAlister Leftwich House, Carlee's pre-wedding pictures are stunners. The light! Our beautiful bride! Her dress! And then there's Beasley, Carlee's pup. Not only is he adorable (that face!), but the joy he and Carlee are so clearly sharing brings a glow to every shot. [...]

Berry Hill Resort Bridal Portraits | Julia

The search for a wedding dress is so much more fun with a sister. And even more so when that sister is a twin!  So, when Julia headed to Bellissima in Winston-Salem, NC, it was with her twin sister in tow and a clear idea of the dress she hoped to find.  “I knew I wanted [...]

McAlister-Leftwich House Bridal Portraits | Jordan

Wear your dress more than once and feel like a superstar? Yes, please! Enter the bridal portrait session—it’s a common tradition of southern brides in the US, but why not make it your own? After all, you get to take a twirl in your gown pre-wedding, celebrate yourself, and have amazing pictures to cherish forever. [...]

Bridal Portraits at Ian’s Chapel at Camp Lucy | Megan

There’s something so special about a bride wandering solo throughout her soon-to-be wedding space. On the cusp of taking a major life step and feeling her most beautiful self, the images are filled with a heady mix of anticipation and romance! Case in point, Megan’s bridal portraits at Ian's Chapel at Camp Lucy. She and [...]

Sublime Bridal Session at Quail Hollow | Alice

Romantic and a touch mysterious like an impressionist painting by Berthe Morisot, Alice’s bridal portraits in the gardens at Quail Hollow are breathtaking in their simplicity. The light, scenery, and florals come together in such a stunning, timeless tableaux! Then, gracing the center of it all is our stunning bride, radiant in her Lillian gown and [...]

Studio Bridal Portrait Editorial

Studio bridal portraits sound kind of…stodgy. But, girls, this airy shoot says otherwise! Captured by Abigail Malone inside her studio, Indigo Corner, there's all kinds of beautiful filtered light and hardwood floors happening, so maybe you don't have to wander hither and yon, secretly worried about your hem getting dirty. Instead, consider portraits in a [...]