Meet Paradise Moon | Lea-Ann Belter 2020 Bridal Gown Preview

Every fall, we pack up all our new gowns and sojourn down to New York from Toronto to show them at bridal fashion week. The days leading up are always filled with a sort of frenetic anticipation as last-minute touches are applied and we make sure we bring everything we need to present our new dresses to retailers and the press. This season was no different…except that the dresses of our new Spring 2020 Paradise Moon collection kind of take our collective breath away.

It’s not just the new textiles Lea-Ann chose—we’re talking the gorgeous, HUGE-beaded, 3D lace appliqué on Larissa, Raquel’s frond-inspired 3D lace, Lourdes’s botanical embroidery, and Kai’s shimmery sequin and bead overlay—but also the silhouettes and necklines. Ladies, there are sexy slits, low neckline dips, and other breezily smoldering details for days.

We’ll introduce you to each and every Spring 2020 Paradise Moon gown (and give you the scoop on the collection’s inspiration) later this week, but, for now, here’s a delightful peek.

Lea-Ann Belter Bridal Paradise Moon
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